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Dessert for traditional Rosh Hashanna dinner

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I am having traditional dinner, gefilta fish, matzoh ball soup, and brisket. I would like some ideas for dessert other than the traditional dry honey cake. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

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  1. How about an apple cake?

    There's a good recipe for a Honey Glazed Apple Cake here:

    And there's a good recipe for a Moist and Tender Honey-Applesauce Cake here:

    Or how about this Apple Plum Raisin Strudel from the Canadian Living Test Kitchens:

    1. Apple cake is a good suggestion.
      Also, try another honey cake recipe - one that comes w/ good recommendations - because all honey cakes were NOT created equal.

      1. Thanks for the information. Have a sweet year.

        1. Thought matzoh balls and honey cakes were for Passover, no?

          How about a Bavarian Apple Torte?

          Ceciarchiata or taiglach are pretty "traditional" for Rosh Hashanna. That's what I make.

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            Matzoh balls are traditional for Passover, honey cake for Rosh Hashanna.

          2. Apple cake, honey cake, apple cake, honey cake. You can find some pretty dope recipes for them, dont get me wrong but don't be afraid to do a dessert thats a little less traditional but still with the traditional ingredients. Like how about apple turnovers? Or baklava which is laden with honey and sold everywhere in Israel. Since you are doing such a traditional meal, it could be fun to surprise your guests with something unexpected.