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Sep 6, 2007 05:57 PM

Bobby Flay and Sirios?

Just watching Throwdown......slow night. And Bobby is throwing down on muffelatas with guys from Sirios? I have been on NO board alot lately because of upcoming trip and dont remember ever seeing their name. Comments please...

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  1. Reply to myself. Serios.

    1. I saw that episode too - I was kind of surprised, I didn't realize that was a place known for a good muffaletta. I've had other sandwiches there and didn't think it was anything special. I'd rather eat the one at the Napoleon House any day.

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      1. re: pizzajunkie

        NH Muff = devoid of any remarkable flavor

        1. re: Hungry4Good

          Serio's is a perfectly ordinary poboy/lunch joint in the downtown business district, just off of Canal Street. When I worked downtown, I'd sometimes eat there. Wouldn't go out of my way to eat there, but it's okay if your in the area. Pros: inexpensive, casual, has some lunch specials, lots of sports memorabilia. Cons: not terribly clean, service can be brusque (they once shut the door in my face 1/2 hour before closing time on a Saturday afternoon), nothing that you can't get a better version of somewhere else in town.

          1. re: Hungry Celeste

            Finally made it by Serio's today. Of course I had to have the muffuletta. Inexpensive, pretty good, fast for the lunch hour, a must stop for any LSU fan with all of the walls plastered with sports memorbilia. Not being an LSU fan myself, I enjoyed my sandwich and went about my day. (I'd already ate half when I took the picture).

            Sadly I read that Mike's brother, Jack Serio, who was featured on the Food Network show passed away between the filming of the show and the airing of the show. I am sure that he will be missed.

            1. re: SkippyT

              I like watching Throwdown and saw this episode. What get's me is that Flay never makes the throwdown foods the traditional way. I mean he made his muff with mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A travisty. And I was also sorry to hear of Jack Serio's passing.

      2. Hi, I'm new here but had to comment. I'm originally from NOLA and just wanted to recommend a couple of good places to get an awesome Muffuletta. Mo's Pizza in Westwego and NorJoe's in Metairie. Give 'em a try, you won't be sorry!
        BTW, so very sorry to hear of Jack Serio's passing. My condolences to the family.

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        1. re: Prissy

          NorJoe's has one of the best muffs around; there was a thread on it a few months ago, and it seemed to be the leading vote-getter.

          1. re: Burgoober

            not a fan of norjoe's olive salad. prefer serio's and central groc's olive salad

        2. I briefly saw the episode. Serio's muff looked too basic (e.g. Swiss cheese) and Flay's over-wrought. They should have chosen a place deservedly known for mufffs, but that asking a but much for the network.

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          1. re: pilaf

            flay's show is unfortunately advertising. They don't claim to pick the best of the best if you know what I mean. Most of the Food TV shows are infomercials if you didn't know. Nobody I know has ever even heard of Serios.

            1. re: Nolachef

              Obviously we don't know each other as I heard of Serio's at least 20 years ago when they opened a second location in Baton Rouge which I frequented while I was at LSU. While it might not be the best place for a muff, it must be doing something right as it's been open since the late 50's.

              1. re: roro1831

                Yes, indeed. Serio's has been in the same spot for a LONG time.

              2. re: Nolachef

                Though I don't know it for a fact, I seriously doubt that the Throwdown episodes are paid "informercials."

                Also, I am not sure who you were asking, but Serio's has been around for many, many years.


                1. re: UptownKevin

                  Hey an Uptown Kevin sighting. Still grinding it out in Tampa?

                  1. re: UptownKevin

                    I just started working downtown and have hit Serio's for lunch a few times. I went today and noticed that they are using the Bobby Flay appearance as advertising. Anyway, I'm pretty underwhelmed by this place. Mediocre food and not cheap to boot. Got the shrimp po-boy today. The shrimp resembled sea monkeys more than actual shrimp (i.e. very small). They had obviously been sitting out for some time because they were cold. I wouldn't recommend this place.