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Sep 6, 2007 05:31 PM

Arlington Heights area down and dirty Mexican

I work in AH and am craving some good, real mexican food. Not like Fuego, which I love, but some little delicious taqueria in the area. Any ideas?

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  1. Steak Tacos. IMO the best in your area: Las Asadas on River Road in Des Plaines. Also on Oakton in Des Plaines. Look up their listings. MMMMM. Char grilled skirt steak.
    Other recs for a decent taqueria:

    Monica's in Prospect Heights right by Palwaukee (Willow and Milwaukee)

    The Jimenez grocery on Dundee in Buff Grove serves up a mean Carne Asada platillo for about 7.50 if you wanna get really down and dirty. Also, I dig their carnitas.

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      1. re: gordeaux

        I agree with you on Las Asadas on River Road, the steak tacos are awesome and authentic,,,my family calls it the "dirty taco place" its not dirty but its next to a cheap motel,,,

      2. It's not a taqueria and it's not "down and dirty", but right next door to Arlington Heights is Flamingo's, which specializes in creative Mexican seafood. The food is spectacular, and it's authentic Mexican seafood cuisine.

        1590 S. Busse Road
        Mt. Prospect, IL
        (847) 364-9988

        1. If its dirty you want, also try TACOS EL NORTE on Rand between 53 and Dundee.
          There is also a place in Palatine on Palatine and NW HWY called... I want to say Taqueria Jalisco. If you hit that corner ON Palatine, you can't miss it. Its right near a gas station.

          Whatever you do , dont go to TOREO on NW HWY between Smith and Quinten though. Its poorly done.

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          1. re: tblain

            thanks for the info on Toreo, I've meant to go there! The one on Palatine & NW hwy is about as down and dirty as it gets, but it was really great. Haven't been in years, and I forgot about it. I'm off to try Las Asadas in Des Plaines due to rec's on here!

            1. re: jan

              Wondering how you did at Las Asadas. I was there yesterday. Steak was a LITTLE overcooked, but still good.

              1. re: gordeaux

                it's your posts that make me yearn for this place. Unfortunately, I got trapped in a meeting and ended up picking up sushi from Mitsuwa. Hopefully, Saturday!

                1. re: jan

                  Just finishing up my carne asada fix from Las Asadas in Des Plaines. My friends and I rank their food on a percentage basis. We tend to go together, and rank it according to the best carne asada tacos that we've ever gotten from there.
                  Salsa percentage of heat and flavor;
                  Carne asada percentage of flavor and tenderness
                  and then on a whole.
                  Salsa: 92%
                  Carne Asada: 94%
                  As a whole, it was in the 93rd percentile ranking of the best I have ever gotten from there. LOL. Not a particularly GOOD rank, but it will still be better than any taqueria in the area (for carne asada) by tenfold.

                  I still don't understand why the masses go to the places that use cheap chewy pan fried garbage meat when there are places that use char grilled tender skirt steak. Jan, hope you get to try it out soon.

                  1. re: gordeaux

                    So funny you would post that now! I was just sitting here thinking I would go Saturday. I live in Lake in the Hills, but that's the soonest I'll be able to get there. I'm really looking forward to it!!