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I know there are probably lots of threads if I had time to look, but I really don't.
My daughter is getting married Saturday, and heading to Austin on Sunday. Honeymoon, and job hunting, as they plan to move there shortly.
She is a vegetarian. I'd love to be able to give her some recs from the people that really know.
Anything that would knock her out?

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    1. My favorite veggie places from when I lived in Austin were Veggie Heaven on Guadelupe (Chinese), Madame Mam's on Guadelupe (not Vegetarian but Thai. Have some great Tofu/Vegetarian dishes). I also loved the Black Beans with Jalepeno Corncake at Magnolia on Lake Austin Blvd. Mothers was also good but I think it may be no more???? Not sure.

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      1. Artz Ribs--Get the grilled Veggies. As long as she does not mind other people eating lots of meat all around her, she will love it. I think it's one of the best veg. meals in town.

        1. At just about any local austin restaurant vegetarians will do fairly well, so I would go with which ever food variety she's most into. Mother's is out of commission for a while and I still miss West Lynn Cafe for purely vegi affairs, but my fave recommendation as a former vegi is Vespaio's Pansoti di Zucca.
          Half moon shaped pasta filled with butternut squash & amaretti in sage brown butter
          Finished with toasted walnuts, sage fritte & parmigiano reggiano

          It is better than crack, and their fresh, handmade mozzarella is also awesome. Only real downside is they don't take reservations, its a little pricier than other options and you will be waiting for a table unless you show up very early.

          1. Casa de Luz on Toomey Road is vegan and macrobiotic. I've not been there in a while but last time I was there it was $10 and all you can eat.
            For an upscale dinner, Zoot on Hearn off Lake Austin Blvd has a really nice vegetarian tasting menu. They can make it vegen too if you give them some notice ahead of time.

            1. As I've reported in other threads, my favorite tofu in town is at Hai Ky (Viet. Pho joint) on E. Oltorf. It's fried (though not greasy) to perfection and with their great sauces and broths it makes for an excellent meal. Super cheap and laid back atmosphere as well.

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                I just went to Hai Ky on Oltorf for the first time this evening. I think we were all pleased with our choices, ranging from lemongrass tofu vermicelli, hai spicy chicken with noodles, shrimp curry with noodles and pho with beef. I found the tofu spring rolls a little dry (they'd most likely been made earlier and kept in the fridge), so maybe earlier in the day they'd be fresh.

                We had a nice waiter who was great with refills and anything else we needed too.

                I would go back to Hai Ky.