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Sep 6, 2007 05:03 PM

Cafe Mexicano - no longer worth it

I've thought the tamales at Cafe Mexicano (Park Slope on Union near 4th Av) were pretty good at $2.00/pop. You can get good (if not better) tamales cheaper in Sunset Park, but if you live in the Slope this is (was) a good deal. I went in today and they are now charging $3.00/each. I was hoping to buy 4 but no way will I spend $12.00 for 4 tamales. I can get a dozen tamales for this price in L.A. I know I'm not in L.A., but this is feeling greedy to me. They've lost my business...

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  1. In an attempt to situate my review, I should say that I grew up in LA and San Diego and am trained primarily in Baja-inspired Mexican food. In any case, I have to say that the horchata at Cafe Mexicano is by far the best I've had in NYC. Right consistency: not too watery but also not that weird corn syrupy thickness that comes from using powder mixes. This is the real thing, with great spice to balance. My favorite thing on the menu here is/are the chilaquiles. Yum-mo.