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Sep 6, 2007 04:41 PM

Seafood Allergy in NOLA

OK--- bringing wife to FQ for anniversary. It's her first time in New Orleans and I want to give her a great experience like I had when I worked there in 2000. I haven't been since then, however, she is allergic and cannot eat seafood. (shellfish, really, but she won't touch any seafood) I am looking for a romantic place for dinner,, doesn't have to been fancy or pricey, just intimate, cute.... She's half Italian half Portuguese so....pastas or steaks are both great options......and good wines.....or martinis also good options. I appreciate your suggestions, can't wait to get down there.
thanks, David

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  1. I would suggest Irene's in the Quarter. It is very cute and quaint, with lots of good Italian dishes and a very nice wine list. Make sure you go early though, since they don't take reservations

    1. My hubby also has a shellfish allergy but I carry Benadryl because he won't give up shrimp. Anyway, a great place minutes from the Quarter is La Boca. Like Irene's, they don't take reservations but if you go early you won't have a problem getting a table. The website is www. - I hope I'm doing this properly - it's my first post.

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        Irene's takes reservations. Ask for the front room. Try Cafe Giovanni. Have the "feed me", but let your server know of allergy. Chef Duke has no problem accomodating diners. Pianist and opera type (opera "light") singers perform intermittently Wed., Fri., Sat. ...adds a lovely, romantic touch. Vincent's on St. Charles is also good.