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Sep 6, 2007 04:39 PM

Your favorite cheap and cheerful Tucson eats?

After a disastrous stay at the Westin last month they've invited us back down this weekend to make good. We didn't really have a getaway planned for this month so are looking to keep things really casual and not spend a fortune.

Any suggestions for your favorite cheap and cheerful spots? Would like to keep dinner under $50. We'll probably hit the Guatamalen place we found on our last trip for a lunch or dinner but beyond that haven't planned much. Not looking for gut bombs a la Pat's chili dogs. We'll be up in the foothills but willing to travel anywhere in town.

Also, husband has always been intrigued by the vegetarian place, Govinda's. I've never been a buffet fan so have always been unwilling to try. How is this place really?\

edited to add:

also, any recommendations for Mexican seafood would also be appreciated. We went to El Mezon del Cobre last time we were down there and had a mixed experience. Husbands fish dish was delicious but my shrimp just OK. Again, not looking to spend a fortune but wondering what other options there might be in town.

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  1. Hey, you know, a friend and I had a nifty little lunch at The Cup Cafe in the Congress Hotel just last week end. And a few weeks ago we had a DANDY breakfast at Little Poca Cosa.

    We've also had tapas and wine at Casa Vicente...but that will bring you perilously close to your limit even with one glass of wine - although it is quite good, and there is music (flamenco) on Saturday nights.

    And you've been to Poca Cosa, yes? That'd keep you on budget....

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      We actually haven't been to Poca Cosa. We were finally going to try it last month but they were on vacation so couldn't. We weren't planning on it this time around since we thought it would be more than we were looking to spend. Is this not the case? Sample menus aren't posted on line.

      Thanks for the other suggestions!

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        The Plato Poca Cosa, last time I checked, was around $14 for lunch and $24 for dinner. It would push your budget just a hair with drinks for dinner (though you could easily share a plato for a light dinner), but lunch should fit in nicely.

    2. I think Lovin' Spoonfuls is better than Govinda's and I second the recommendation for Little Poca Cosa for breakfast or lunch. The Dish recently moved and has a new smaller menu that is nice for a light dinner.

      1. Have you been to Feast? You can have a nice dinner for two there within your budget, if you go easy on the sides and desserts (Which, admittedly, is hard to do).

        There's a Peruvian place on the far northwest side that I'm especially fond of called Candela's (5845 N Oracle Rd, Tucson - (520) 407-0111) that should fit easily in your budget, and is really interesting.

        I'm also fond of Pho 88 for Vietnamese (2744 N Campbell Ave (520) 881-8883)

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        1. re: Booklegger451

          Thanks for the recommendations. We forgot to grab the laptop on Friday so couldn't look up this thread. Might have tried one of these on Saturday night instead of going with the one cheap eat we did know from the past.

          My husband pointed out Pho88 last night on the way back to the hotel. good to know it's good! We'll have to try it next time!