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Sep 6, 2007 04:31 PM

good bakerys near media or in Delco?

My son's birthday is fast approaching, and I'm pretty new to the Media area (and chowhound). Are there any bakeries nearby that I could purchase a delicious cake... I cannot stand to witness another family member purchase a cake from ACME! I favor chocolate cake with fresh fruit and whipped cream icing.....I have yet to find a replicate of my birthday cake from 5th grade :(

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  1. Try Master's Baker in West Chester -- (610) 436 9888. Kind of a drive -- about 40 minutes from Media.

    1. I highly recommend Jacquette's Bakery on Sproul Rd. in Broomall. Great birthday cakes as well as other specialties. And only 15 minutes from Media.

      1. I always liked Maria's Bakery in Folsom, on MacDade & Morton Roads. Only about 10 minutes from you and near one of my favorite deli/ sandwich spots in the area (Trio's Cold Cuts).

        1. thanks guys! I will definitely give a try

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            I second Jacquettes. Maria's is good - not great, but it does have a good selection (used to be in Media, btw). In my opinion, there are not alot of good bakeries in Delco, Terrestapins was the only game in town in Media until it closed last year, and it was OK. I have heard that there is an awsome bakery in Havertown for birthday cakes, but I never learned its name. Any chowhounds know about this one?

            1. re: daisygirl

              Testa's on Brookline Blvd. in Havertown. I still prefer Jacquette's over Testa's.