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Sep 6, 2007 04:30 PM

20 Railroad St. - Great Barrington, MA - Closes

On Tuesday, September 4, one of Great Barrington's hidden gems, "20 Railroad St." suddenly closed its doors for good. I would like to thank owner Paul Dickinson for all of the memories. I'm going to miss your burgers and beer.

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  1. i heard about 20RR today. i was pretty shocked but i knew paul was so over the whole thing. i worked there for 7 years in the early-mid 90s and i cant imagine "going out nights" without 20RR. there were men who had a beer every single day after work there for the past 20+ years! sucks. i am dying to know whats going to come of it.

    1. What happened? I think I heard the building was for sale. Is something else moving in?