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Sep 6, 2007 04:19 PM

Brown Curry (Thai)

For the first time, I had a "brown curry" dish at a nondescript Thai restaurant in Bethesda (Thai Corner?). I've had red, yellow, and green, but never ever heard of brown. It was pretty darn good and complex (cinnamon? Cardamom? What the heck is in there?). But it was a little tame, hinting that a more Chowhoundish Thai place might be taking this color curry to whole 'nother level. Any other places in DC/MD/VA to try the brown curry?

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  1. Thai Chili in DC (near Chinatown Metro). They have alot of unique stuff, Vietnamese friend loves it.

    1. Are you sure that brown curry is not just their name for massaman curry? It also has cinnamon and caradmon (along with clove, coriander seed and cumin). Galangal, kaffir leaves, lemongrass, chilies, fish sauce and coconut milk round it out and make it distinctively thai. Restaurants might rename the curry because it follows the Red-Green-Yellow pattern.