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Sep 6, 2007 04:18 PM

happy hour?!

any happy hours that last till at least 7? in the pasadena/alhambra/highland park area? thanks!

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  1. 4 - 7 is typical happy hour time , hours do vary.

    How about Gordon Biersch? They go to 7 in Burbank, not sure about Pasadena.
    El Torito goes until 8.

    1. We go to Carmine's in South Pasadena. Their happy hour lasts til 7 and food prices are CHEAP. Granville's in Burbank also lasts til 7. What about McCormick & Schmicks?

      1. Out of the area (bit not that far)...but I went to Minibar in Universal City (not in City Walk) last night and they offered a happy hour till 7pm with $4 drinks and appetizers. The Well in Hollywood also has a great HH and I think it lasts till 9pm.