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Sep 6, 2007 03:56 PM

Top 5

I need the top 5 restaurants to take my best friend and his wife to.Money is not an object and either is type of food.Just looking for choices to make a selection from.Something very special that they would truly enjoy!!!!!

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      Of the top 10 on this list I rank them Urasawa, Spago, Sona, Grace, Providence, Cut and then AOC. That said you also might want to consider Bastide which just reopened.

      8475 Melrose Pl
      Los Angeles, CA 90069
      (323) 651-5950

      1. I don't see Little Door on the list, which surprises me -- I would definitely rank it near the top for food, service, and decor. Great special occasion place.

        1. While the cost is not over the top we had a special occasion at Saddle Peak Lodge. The service was perfect and the food was very good and beautifully presented. The quantity was more than adequate.

          I had Elk. Amazing flavor, tender with no sign of the game taste.

          My S.O. was more conservative with the Buffalo. Tender and delicious.

          Either of these would perfectly acceptable for someone who is not adventurous is dining.

          The 'Lodge' is an adventure in itself. It has an interesting history and really sets the tone for an enjoyable evening that is unique.

          We each had a salad and split a desert. The damage was $150 with a generous tip and no alcohol.

          (Just do it)

          1. money is no object has urasawa written all over it.
            japanese wagyu steak at cut
            tasting menu at sona (modern conceptual food)
   the american food and wine festival if they are in town sept 29th would be awesome. im going to this one!
            i'd try bastide as well
            and the chefs menu at providence
            aoc is boring in my opinion.
            spago is good, just dont sit in that main disneyland dining room.