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Sep 6, 2007 03:56 PM

Dinner/dessert: Yorkville or Elgin Theatre area

This is my first post, although I love reading this site and trying places vicariously through the articulate commentaries here.

A friend and I are celebrating our 40th birthdays with a night on the town in Toronto. I'd like to stay under $250 total for two, but can't think of anywhere other than generic pubs near the Elgin. We both like Asian and Indian and don't want anything--even really great pizza or pasta!--that we have to eat frequently with our families. Or is our better bet to eat near our Yorkville-area hotel? No matter where we eat, is there someplace fabulous for dessert in either location? And how about breakfast or coffee/bakery places in the Yorkville area?


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  1. Carole's Cheese Cake Cafe in the Yorkville area has some yummy cheesecakes! I like their taffy apple.

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      Thanks! That sounds like a great bet to take us back to our university days.

    2. How about Truffles at four season ? Recently I had a great meal there. It is kind of romantic though, so not sure if this is something fits your occasion. Their main course is around $40 dollars. They also have a 85 dollars tasting menu. However, we order from the a la carte menu.

      1. How about C5 in ROM? $250 should be enough for 2.
        I was there last week. I enjoyed the food & ambience.
        It's not a romantic place though.