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Sep 6, 2007 02:38 PM

Abita in Manhattan?

So where can I find it - Abita Amber Beer? Not looking for bar suggestions...need to buy 6 pack? Fairway had it one time i went...but its' hit or miss there.

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  1. Have you tried the beer distributor on Chrystie?

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    1. re: KTinNYC

      nope...only assuming that distributers would not allow for just a 6 pack to be bought. Where exactly is it?

      1. re: jamielynn

        new beer distributor is on 167 Chrystie St.

        1. re: randumbposter

          And yes, in New York State retail "Beer Distributors" sell six packs (and usually even single bottles)

    2. Whole Foods in Chelsea always had Abita when I was living in Manhattan a couple of years ago.

      1. I didn't notice the Amber specifically, but the Bowery Whole Foods definitely had Abita beer (Turbodog) in stock as of last weekend.

        New Beer Distributors is also a great place to check.

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        1. re: big o

          hmmm whole foods uh? I live UWS so maybe i should check the columbus circle one...never noticed beer there...need to look better.
          I'm gonna call that other place today....went to Fairway yesterday - no go. Guess I'm giving up on them, it was a one shot deal.

          1. re: jamielynn

            If you're UWS, have you tried Pioneer Grocery on Columbus & 74th? Usually a reliable source for interesting beers.

            1. re: jamielynn

              I was just at the Fairway on 74th the other day and noticed that they had Abita...I believe it was the amber...stocked on the end cap just across from the express lane, on the top shelf. :-)

          2. There is a a place on Ninth Avenue (betw 46 and 47, on the west side of the street), called Ninth Avenue Vintner (in their beet store, next to their wine store), that has a huge selection of beer, including Abita Amber and Abita Purple Haze, and it's always stocked. I know because I buy it there all the time...

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            1. re: ny78kid

              Sweet - i work right there! Gonna check that for sure.

              1. re: ny78kid

                Yea!!! I had abita last night! Thanks Kid for the rec....still gonna check whole foods too...but that little spot on 9th was killer and so close to work.