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Sep 6, 2007 02:16 PM

new: Ton Yong Thai Cafe, SF Chinatown

Just opened, on the NW corner of Jackson & Kearny. Extensive Thai menu, heavy on noodles, both soup and fried. On the menu are some noodle dishes less common to American Thai restaurants, like Khao Soi, described as Northern style egg noodles in spicy curry soup, and pad kee mao with "macaroni" (a wide rice noodle version is also available). Other alluring-sounding items include a BBQ pig's neck salad (kow moo yang) and fried rice with BBQ pork and Chinese sausage.

I'll be going soon.

Any reports yet?

Ton Yong
901 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA 94133

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