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Sep 6, 2007 02:12 PM

cafe cluny review

Cafe Cluny sits on a picturesque corner in the West Village...cobblestones, townhouses, romance. The restaurant has flattering amber lighting, a lively, attractive crowd, and attentive service. The food? A mixed bag here...Heirloom tomato salad disappoints--four clumps of mealy fruit. Terrific risotto with peas and asparagus and an average stripped bass were fairly priced. A peach pie with oatmeal ice cream-- a perfectly fine dessert. For West Village ambiance and a touch of romance, Cluny delivers. I did notice, however, a string of jewel-like restaurants on the neighboring West 4th Street. This is a restaurant row that begs many visits, til I eat my way to 7th Avenue.

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  1. i sort of agree with you on cluny. i like the place a lot but the food was meh...i had the hangar steak and the creme brulee...both were fine. i wouldnt rush back but wouldnt talk trash about the place either.

    1. The beet salad was great at Cluny. Sauteed calamari was ok, nothing special. My husband loved the short ribs. Good apple pie.