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Sep 6, 2007 02:05 PM

Where do I take a Restaurant Addict...

My friend has been everywhere downtown Toronto (and the east side) she own a Lounge so Thursday, Fri & Sat are out of the question.. What is new and special where I can take her... Was thinking One BUT with film fest there will be no way to get in...

She does not eat fish and loves meat BUT a typical steak house is too boring.. I would love a tasting menu.. no Lounges, looking for a true restaurant..

no car so taxi is the transport, we will be starting right downtown...

She has been to:

Kultura, Doku, George, Thuet, Lee, Susur, Cava, Amuse Buche, C5, Globe etc..


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  1. Not that I've been myself, but lots of raves about George on this board and its great food and wonderful patio. Sounds like an option.

    111 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON M5C 1S2, CA

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    1. re: JamieK

      Kaji Sushi is my favorite high end resto but it is a bit of a ride to Islington and the Queensway. The other special resto I have read about but not visited as yet is Kaiseki-Sakura on Church. Chiado is an oft-overlooked treat.

      1. re: JamieK

        George? Patio is very nice... food is pretty good overall.... service tonight was suffering from Film Festival stress - total mix up in our meals - a seccond course was completely missed and my "rare" veal came dry as a board. All problems were rectified quickly. But many large tables around us seemed to go for ages (1 hour) without anything at all to eat, so you may want to snack before you go. I know that groups more than 6 are a nightmare, but why not give them lots of "amuse" to soak up all those high priced cocktails they've been convinced to buy! We got two rounds of "amuse" - both different - because I told our very nice waitress that we were running on fumes and really needed food to wash down our champagne! The bread basket took almost an hour to come - inexcusable - it's already made, and all that has to happen is some boss (they seem to have a lot of guys in blazers) tells the runner to deliver the bread. We had 3 courses and one dessert. $$$ later - not sure I'll be back.
        The clientele is quite mixed - office parties, intimate celebrations, business deal tables with crackberries hammering hard on their lilliputian keyboards.... the service is aiming for Bymark or Scamamouche standards, (blazer wearing guy folds your napkin for you when you step away from the table but otherwise ignores your blatently empty wine glass) yet bungles some essentials - knives and forks placed the wrong way around, waitress way too pushy recommending the elk, ..... no attempt to find out how the diner would like it cooked -it came 90% raw.
        Where next?

        1. re: JamieK

          Sorry, OnDaGo, I just realized today that I overlooked George on your list of places she's already been to. What about Batifole?

          744 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4M1Y3, CA

        2. just because it wasn't on your list, what about splendido? perigee?(part of the etc?)

          1. Since your friend does not eat fish, I would suggest:
            Colborne Lane, Splendido, Harbour 60 & Scaramouche.
            Colborne Lane being the newest one in the list.
            BTW, Today I made reservation at One for tomorrow. It may not be difficult to get in. Just call & try.

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            1. re: ace123

              Agree Colborne Lane is a great choice, try both the tenderloin and venison and like them, probably you want to stay away from Chiado and all Japanese restaurants since your friend does not eat fish.

              1. re: skylineR33

                She has been to Colbourne lane, and Harbour 60... And ya suggestions of Sushi for someone who does not eat fish does not work....

                I am almost sure she has been to Splendito and Scaramouche but will check.. as with Perigee

                1. re: OnDaGo

                  Whoops....sorry about the fish ideas......DOH

            2. Splendido!!!
              Chef David Lee should have no trouble in creating a special 'meat only' tasting menu for your friend using current ingredients availability. Right now I understand they have Cumbrae's beef, Dorset lamb and Pork, Nunavut caribou, Highview farm rabbit, squab, duck and Quebec foie gras on their menu. A real protein galore!!!

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              1. re: Charles Yu

                charles........have you found splendido open to tasting menus based on a particular dislike/allergy? my DH has promised me for ages that we will go for a special night out but i make excuses all the time because he has an aversion to many ingredients i anticipate will be on the menu and i did not want him to feel embarrased. i have been fibbing and saying that they are booked up forever...bu haven't even tried for a reservation.

                1. re: rayrayray

                  I went to Splendido for dinner once and we informed them ahead of time that my mom didn't eat red meat or poultry. There were 4 of us dining and while 3 of us had the regular tasting menu, they substituted fish and seafood dishes in for her when we had a meat/poultry course. Everything was fantastic and they were really accomodating.

                  1. re: rayrayray

                    I also have had special items substituted for part of the tasting menu

                    1. re: rayrayray

                      All I can say is, Splendido is one of the most accommodating restaurant in town. Just mention your needs during your reservation ( preferably to Yannick, the co-owner ) and I'm sure, they'll go out of their way to please you.