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Sep 6, 2007 01:52 PM

Eastern European butcher or deli - anywhere from Charleston to Brunswick, GA

OK - so I've moved to a place that I love, but where I have to drive an hour and half to the nearest Costco, there's no Trader Joe's anywhere closer that 5 hours away and there is no ethnic food other than barbeque (I'm not complaining mind you, just a wish list!) That being said, I'm hoping that someone out there knows of a butcher or deli that has Polish cold cuts or sausages. Not the Hillshire Farm kind - real ones that the butcher actually makes. I'm willing to drive up to Charleston or down to northern Florida if need be - even Augusta wouldn't be to much of a stretch, but if it could be around Savannah, that would be much better! Aren't their any places out there where a girl can get a sausage fix?

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  1. Plenty of places with good homemade country breakfast sausage. Otherwise you have Deitz & Watson or Boars Head from a Grocery Store.

    1. A little further of a drive, but you might want to check out Ela's Polish Market & Deli in Columbia...

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        Good rec, and they ship some of their items to restaurants. I'd suggest the OP give them a call and see if s/he can work something out. They're very nice folks.

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          Yippee! I'm going to Columbia for the state fair next month, so I'll be sure to go by and stock up! The picture on their website looks like they have the type of stuff that I'm looking for. THANK YOU!

        2. In Charleston there is Euro Foods on Ashley River Rd accross the street from Trader Joes (the furniture store). They do not make any of their own sausages but they do have a wide selection of sausages plus other really cool Eastern European curiosities. We also have Ted's Butcher Block downtown which has a wonderful selecton and they do make lots of their own.

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            Thanks Charleston Chow - I'm running up to Charleston next week, so I'll swing by there and check it out!