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Sep 6, 2007 01:51 PM

Singapore Shaved Ice

My friends and I are addicted to Singapore Shaved Ice. For a couple of years, we've gone to a place on Mott, Singapore Cafe, and have been very happy there. Unfortunately, the last two times we've come in (on off hours when there were only, like, three other tables filled), the host has made comments about us coming only for dessert (although the hostess, in all fairness, always greets us with a wave and a smile). Now, the truth of the matter is we go there after our Vietnamese sandwich fix and have no desire to eat anything there but the aforementioned dish, and we don't want to be uncomfortable about it. This made us realize we need a Singapore Shaved Ice back-up in Manhattan. Any suggestions?

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  1. Is it like a Taiwanese shaved ice? Shaved Ice with condensed milk plus toppings, red bean, grass jelly, tapioca, taro, etc.? I use to get them at this place in Flushing but I think it's closed. They make them at Ten Ren on Mott but it's not as good as the Flushing place.

    1. I think New Malaysia in the little alley between bowery and elizabeth has that on the menu. Jaya also has a version of shaved ice, though it may come with different toppings. Nyonya also has it.

      1. Dont go during rush hour and tipping well is always a fave.