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Sep 6, 2007 01:27 PM

Heinz Salad Cream?

I keep seeing references to this ingredient. It's new to me & I'm curious. What's it like? Good? Is it sold in the US? In gourmet stores? Supermarkets?

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  1. Salad cream is like mayonaise, but much tangier and yummier and a bit runnier. I can get it at the supermarket where they sell the 'british' food.

    1. It can also be bought in African stores since many countries in Africa were once British Colonies. Haven't tried it yet though.

      1. I’ve never tried it, but I’ve somehow always been under the impression that it’s kind of like Miracle Whip. Am I completely off base?

        Uncle Ira

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          It's a lot thinner. If i remember right it's more a ranch dressing consistency. little tangy. in Fla they sell it at Publix. look forthe british section as nic suggested.

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            If you've ever tasted Pfeiffer Cole Slaw dressing, Salad Cream has the same taste. I know it's an odd reference, but when I first had Salad Cream in the UK, I was immediately reminded of the many salads I had as a child at my grandparents with Cole Slaw dressing on top. You can find Heinz Salad Cream at Cost Plus or British import shops.

        2. Funny, I just experimented with this ingredient I've seen forever on shelves! It's in all the salad dressing isles in Canada. It's very similar to a thinner, tangier mayo...I've been using it as a dressing in my latest craving-savoury crepes. I've been making meal crepes like chicken/asparagus, spinich/feta, seafood crepes and drizzled this on top. Delicious!

          1. I consider it pourable miracle whip.

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              Same here. I was amazed when I lived in the UK, that whenever you ordered a salad in a low-to-midrange restaurant, they brought out this stuff. It's not bad, but it'd be nice to have some variety.

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                I had the same experience, living in London in the late 1970's. I was a college student, so I wasn't eating in a lot of higher-end restaurants, but it seemed to me that they only had one variety of salad dressing in Britain, and it was Salad Cream. And they never seemed to properly wash the greens, so the combination of that and girtty lettuce...yeesh! Not one of my better memories of an otherwise-lovely year.

                I'm happy to report that the food scene, even towards the budget-priced end, has vastly improved in Britain since those days!