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Sep 6, 2007 01:18 PM


Any great tips for Roslindale? I was walking around there and saw Delfino, Sophia's Grotto, Blue Star. Any of them any good? Anything else worth noting? Heard about an Albanian place..what is Albanian food like?
Thanks much.

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  1. The Albanian place, Cafe Apollonia, is sadly no more. It was pretty excellent.

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      Was that where Boston Brickhouse or whatever it's called is now? Because they have a yogurt-based dip that seems like a holdover from the Albanian menu. It's GOOOOOOD. I was only there once. The pizza was pretty tasty (I'm not fussy about the fine points of pizza) and the burgers looked very thick and juicy.

      I love Fornax. Best grilled cheese ever.

    2. Delfino's is definitely the fanciest place in Roslindale in terms of atmosphere and quality. I like it a lot but it feels like a special occasion place to me. Sophia's and Geoffrey's both have great atmosphere with decent, moderately priced food. Sophia's shares a courtyard with a few other places and it's a lively scene in warm weather. Village Sushi is good for Japanese and I really like Bangkok Cafe, the Thai place in the square. Blue Star is cheap diner food--not bad but nothing special (in my opinion!). Oh, one other note about Roslindale--there are a lot of small ethnic markets that are worth checking out.

      1. fornax bakery is worth checking out. good breads in particular.

        1. Well, for pretty darn good Mexican, go to Romano's Pizza.

          I know that seems kind of odd, but they have separate Mexican cooks for their Mexican menu.

          1. For really great pizza (and fried clams too!) head up Washington St. to Pleasant Cafe. Great old school atmosphere too! Many of the waitresses have been there FOREVER!