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Sep 6, 2007 01:11 PM

What's up with Bergen County Happy Hours?

Been here for 5 years, and have yet to find a true blue happy hour joint in the area...ok, some places may take off a buck from yer beer, but I want the real deal somewhere this side of the hudson in NE Bergen County ...Any ideas.???

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  1. If there are any Pizzeria Uno's left in Bergen, by far one of the best Happy Hours. There's one in Secaucus, from either 3-7 or 4-7PM, $2.50 or so 20 oz.. Bud or Coors Light, an entire $2.99 appetizer menu. We've been there before and the bill has been less than $20 for being there a while. Try it!

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      The only Bergen County Pizzeria Uno was in Paramus, and they closed about a year ago. There is also one in Wayne near the WestBelt/Willowbrook Malls in addition to the one you mentioned in Secaucus. And I agree, their happy hour is very good.

      Some Friday's and Bennigans do appetizer and drink specials for Happy Hour. The Friday's in Woodridge used to have all appetizers half price for Happy Hour, but I'm not sure if they still do that. Meanwhile the one in Ramsey only had one or two appetizers on special. Most Applebees in the area do half price appetizers after 10 p.m., but I don't know if they do this during happy hour or what kind of drink specials they feature.

      There are probably a few local joints that have their own non-publicized happy hours, but you'd have to check with them. I would imagine the bars near the colleges (Mahwah, Wayne, Montclair) have decent happy hours. The bars by Montclair State always had happy hours going on. (But I graduated quite a while ago!)

      1. re: zhelder

        It's a pretty grim assessment of bergen county when applebees and benigans are the only 2 options for happy hour...eek!

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          New Jersey liquor licensing requirements are pretty unique. There are only so many per municipality, proportional to the population. Hence a NJ liquor license is gold, and sells these days for close to a half-Mil $. That's probably the reason why happy hours are so scarce, they need a full profit on each drink!

          1. re: menton1

            Good point there....I also think it may be because may people work outside the place they live and are less likely to stick around...I'm still hopeful, however, as it's great marketing for those with liscences.

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              Know what's such a shame about their rational? Let's see.... have more patrons not drink with us and make no money, or sell a few drinks for full profit and let gross sales go out the window. They should smarten up and start focusing on volume.

      2. How about Trackside in Ramsey?

        1. McCormicks in Riverside Square Mall Hackensack happy hour within the Bar section only: 3-6pm Mon- Fri and 9:30-11pm Mon- Thurs. Daily drink specials and the $1.95 bar food menu. Includes, wings, catfish bites and my hubbys favorite 1/2 lb cheese burger and fries ($2.50 drink min.)

          1. Allendale Bar and Grill. Lots of people and decent food. ABG is an old standby.


            Also, Ridgewood has a bunch of bars that get going for happy hour. Might want to try there. I don't go there, but I have friends that go there all the time.

            If you are going for sheer volume, I would try a Chili's that does the 2 for 1 special (not all participate). Cheap but a very effective way to go. It pains me to even mention it, but it's hard to say no to 2-fers.

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              I'll have to second The AB&G (or ABAG as some people like to call it) it's a nice atmosphere and good food.