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Sep 6, 2007 01:09 PM

Cape Cod vs. the Berkshires in Late Oct.

I have the choice of going on a day-trip for work at the end of October to either Cape Cod or the Berkshires area. Whichever I choose, I would like to take my hubby along and turn it into a getaway weekend.
I love the Cape and would probably plan to drive out to P-town for a day/night, but I am questioning whether enough restaurants, attractions and accomodations would be open on the Cape that far into the fall. I have only been during the summer. Can anyone give me their opinion on whether it would make sense to still go there or should I change plans and choose the Berkshires instead? I know that is more of a "fallish" destination but have never been there before.

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  1. The end of October is past peak foliage season in the Berkshires. For that reason I'd go to the Cape since you can still take in the scenery along the ocean. There are still places open, though many places will already be closed. You won't be stuck with nothing to do.

    1. Late October will be past peak foliage but some crowds may linger. While some cape places will close, many stay open year round. The best part is you don't have as many tourista and really get to enjoy the 'local falvor'. And, prices are lower. Head to the Berks in the early summer.

      1. This is a handy resource that is a general reference, not exact science, for when to visit where for peak foliage in New England.

        You can pause the program around a set of days to see what the foliage will most likely be for the area you're going to. Of course there are a lot of factors that determine how nice the foliage is in a given year, or if it starts early, but this is a nice rough idea.

        For "things to do" you should check out the berkshires websites, because while the end of October might be past peak, there might still be more to do there in terms of theater. There's a wonderful Shakespeare company there (they do other things) that are doing a play about Sherlock Holmes. The company is fantastic, and I highly recommend their performances.


        This is also a handy guide for things to do in the Berkshires: They have a dining guide that we found useful when we were there about two years ago.

        We went to Cape Cod about four years ago after labor day when the prices went down, and we had a wonderful time, but a lot of places were already closed. Fortunately we don't go in much for night life and we were there for relaxing by the beach at our motel. Got a great price at a sweet little family-run place right on the ocean with a lovely beach. It seemed like the shops were all open during the day, though, and we were on a strict budget so we couldn't go to any really great fine dining establishments, but the seafood was wonderful pretty much anywhere we went.

        Hope this helps some.

        1. I have been in both places at that time of year, living there and staying in some really nice inns. If you want beaches and quiet times, with not a lot of things to do, the Cape will really satisfy you. There are some very lovely inns that offer terrific service, breakfasts and tea in the afternoon, and some of the restaurants are open. You can sit by the fire and read, explore, and take some long walks on the beach with no one else around. If the weather is bad, you'll probably enjoy reading and playing board games. There are some good restaurants, but P'Town is pretty quiet. In the Berkshires, you'll have more cultural options like museums and theatre. All of the restaurants will be open. You probably won't be hiking the trails, though, as it is true, the peak leaf season will be long gone. (The word is that it's going to be early this year due to the lack of rain.) Depending on where you stay, there are some very good restaurants in both areas, but I would say that the Berkshires wins in terms of variety
          and quantity. None the less, the Cape is a glorious place in all seasons in terms of the beach and sea food that can't be any fresher. What a fun choice.