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Sep 6, 2007 12:43 PM

clamshack question

Finally made it to Farnham's in Essex on Labor Day. We walked right in a noon, had two people ahead of us ordering, grabbed a table and a Sam Adams, and that was it. No lines, no crowds, piece of cake.

My clams were soooo good. Really tender and sweet. My husband is not a shellfish fan, so he ordered the fried haddock sandwich. Gorgeous, large piece of impeccably fresh fish. He said that the oil tasted off, which it didn't to me. I'm assuming that they must fry the clams and fish in the same oil, and that he was picking up the clam taste, which he doesn't care for. The fries (basically ketchup holders) tasted fine to him.

Just curious if anyone knows if the Clambox also uses the same oil for both the fish and the clams so that we can both be in seafood nirvana.

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  1. I read on Chowhound that Woodman's uses lard for their frying but I'm not sure what Clambox uses. There was an article about clam shacks in the NYTimes recently which states that at the Clambox the oil is changed each afternoon:

    I haven't been to Farmham's yet, so far I much prefer Clambox to Woodman's though -- better frying and better quantity/prices. Clambox also has big bellies!

    1. The Clambox shuts down between Lunch and Dinner to change the oil!!!