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Sep 6, 2007 12:33 PM

Estes Park - 40th bday - view?

I know, I've done the search on here and the options look dismal. But, I was hoping people could help us out.

Our two priorities would be view and location, then food.

-View because, well, we have none where we live.
-Location because we'd both like to drink and can't do that if we have to drive. We're a few blocks from downtown area.

-Decent food
-Good drinks.
-Setting unimportant, we're not big gaze-into-each-others-eyes people.
-We usually avoid Italian, because that's about all we can get around home.

I figure there has to be SOMETHING in downtown area to meet that. I have some that look OK from Web searches, but would love to hear any personal choices.

I'd also love to get him a cake, either to the hotel or order one from the restaurant when I make a reservation, but I may be dreaming...

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  1. I've been ruminating on this, and the truth is that downtown Estes Park doesn't offer views. The main street downtown parallels what passes for a river in the Colorado mountains. There is now a very pleasant paved path along the river, and a few restaurants that back on it have nice patios. But views? Afraid not. Being next to the river = being in a little valley = no views. There ARE some nice views from the veranda of the Stanley Hotel, but if memory serves, not from the restaurant. Also, I have no idea what the food is like there these days.

    The View Restaurant in the Historic Crags Lodge has commendable views, but I've never eaten there so can't comment on the food. Also, it isn't downtown but on a hillside outside of the downtown core.

    There's a place called The Other Side Restaurant that might have decent views, but it's even farther from downtown and I suspect the food isn't too promising.

    Whatever you do if you want even moderately decent food is to avoid the brew pub, which isn't downtown either.

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      Thanks Clarie - I kind of was getting that feeling. Water might work too - we're landlocked here in Jersey, and very much "sit on a deck with a margarita/beer/drink of choice and enjoy the food as it comes" people. We're pretty easy to please. Especially after being outside all day - everything seems to taste better!

      Crags Lodge is the one I keep coming back to when I look online. Maybe worth checking out, we can always park and grab beers after dinner ...

      Thanks for the heads up on the brew pub.

      1. re: alexajord

        This may sound silly, but after visiting Estes Park last summer, my SO and I couldn't get over how pleasant the back patio was at the ... Starbucks. Sipping cocoa with my feet dangling into the river was one of the high points of our trip. Just thought I'd mention it as a truly casual place to just enjoy a pleasant view.