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Sep 6, 2007 12:22 PM

Thursday Happy Hour

What are some good spots (decent food/good wine list/specials) for Thursday happy hours that also offer food specials in the U street, DuPont, AdMo area?

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  1. Well if you are looking to venture outside of the Dupont/U St/AM area Metrocurean just posted an excellent sounding Thursday Happy Hour on her website at the Charlie Palmer Steakhouse. I almost hate to post this because it sounds like such a great deal. I'm going to be checking it out maybe next week....Here's the link:

    Other places I enjoy for HH is Gazuza in Dupont Circle. They have a great outdoor lounge area and offer $5 mojitos (as well as some deals on other drinks). The food is rather limited to sushi rolls but I had a decent enough California Roll when I was there.

    Another place to consider is Taberna del Alberdero, closer to Farragut West (but walkable from Dupont). They 1/2 off tapas special and 1/2 off Sangria. It's only until 7pm though. (You can order up until then though...I sometimes get there for dinner at around 6:45pm and just quickly order a pitcher of Sangria to share and like 4-6 tapas). It really is the best deal in town.

    Does Bourbon in AM have some sort of food/drink Happy Hour. I feel like they might.

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      Any idea of there are drinks specials at Charlie Palmer's Thursday happy hour or is it just the free food? Thanks!

      1. re: WashDC33

        This just started so I don't know about the drink specials. The article I read only mentioned the food that was available. You should give them a call though and see. Since this is such a new happy hour it might even be on their website.

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          I went to the Charlie Palmer roof-deck happy hour this past Thursday and they did not have drink specials. Wine and a couple of cocktails ran about $8 to $10. The line for the bar was really, really long (we got there about 6:45). The line was well worth it to enjoy the truly amazing views of the Capitol, and the risotto balls, croque monsieur triangles, steak tartare, and mini crab cakes. (And I appreciated that the servers made a point of bringing trays of food to those of us stuck in line for 20 minutes.)

    2. Thursday tends to be a hard time around Adams Morgan as that's really the beginning of the weekend over there.

      If I recall, firefly in DuPont does a nice happy hour, as does Vidalia and Vidalia has far and away one of the best wine lists in the city.