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Sep 6, 2007 12:22 PM

Desserts with honey

I'm cooking Rosh Hashana dinner for 10, I try to be a little creative in my take on the traditional. I'm not a big fan of honey cake (although I've been told to try one again) but would like my dessert to have honey in it. We're not kosher so dairy/meat etc. doesn't matter. Any creative ideas? Thanks, much appreciated.

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  1. Yes, try a different recipe - they can vary widely.
    I remember seeing something about a honey chiffon cake on this board in the past few days, that looked intriguing.

    1. My go to at this time of year is extremely simple, but spectacular. Great Peaches, seeded and cut in half filled with either goat cheese or goat/ricotta (Mozz Co). sprinkled with whole Marcona Almonds heavily drizzled with Lavender Honey from France. All ingredients available at Central Mkt.

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        In a similar vein, I love figs or dates stuffed with mascarpone and drizzled with honey.

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          Also in the same family: good goat cheese sprinkled w/toasted pistachios, drizzled w/honey. Make some pistachio biscotti for spreading/dipping. If you're feeling adventurous, infuse the honey with black pepper & rosemary.

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        1. Since kosher isn't a concern, how about a honey ice cream with fig compote? I've always wanted to do this, but couldn't as the in-laws do a kosher dinner (meat).

          This was my contribution to last year's rosh hashana at the in-laws: