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So I'm riding the bus down Mission St. and I see an awning with "Vietnamese Sandwiches" on it. I think to myself, "Strange, how did I not notice a banh mi joint in the Mission?"

On the way back from my appointment, I stop in. I see a sign that says "Comida Yucatan," tacos in the window, and pizza! I'm so confused. I walk in and see Vietnamese sandwich meats. Tiny space, a handful of tables all occupied by Hispanic men, and a line at the door. I asked the guys in line if the food was good and they heartily said yes.

Didn't want to wait in line so I ordered a banh mi to go. It's pretty good but one of the types of meat is a mystery to me, didn't like it, and pulled it out. The rest is good. Big, $2.50.

Brief chat w/ the counter lady, she informed me she is half Vietnamese and half Mexican. No printed menu yet, they've only been open 10 days. From the looks on the diners' faces, I will definitely have to return for the Yucatan side of things.

Has anyone tried it yet? Thanks!

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  1. Great find -- even if the food isn't good, the concept is priceless! I'm eagerly awaiting your report on the Yucatan side of the menu.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Sounds like the Cuban-Chinese restaurants I remember from my days as a grad student in NYC.

      1. re: LPC

        No, nothing like that. Cuban Chinese is made by ethnic Chinese who lived in Cuba and developed a slightly hybrid cuisine.

        This is a crazy idealistic Vietnamese dude and what seems a whole village of folks from Yucatan putting their heads together and running with a crazed idea.

        BTW, here's info: 2164 Mission 415-626-6826

    2. Where on Mission is this place? It sounds really interesting.

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        Oops! Sorry, Mission between 17th and 18th.

      2. Oh man, I can just imagine, bahn mi with habanero salsa. Thanks for the tip.


        1. It's on my list to try too. Got an enthusiastic call from a 'hound yesterday who loves it...hope he'll post now that you've outted it. Near Minako, right?

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            Yep, that's the place.

          2. Great find! I am so there.

            1. On further reflection, my banh mi wasn't so good. My first bite I hit a particularly seed-laden jalapeno and that kind of dulled my tongue for the rest of the sandwich. I am still staring at the mystery meat trying to figure out what the hell it is. My neighbor, P, can't figure it out either but she is guessing ear. I am seriously bringing this to Carb Lover tomorrow to identify.

              On the plus side, they heated the roll up and that was nice. If anyone wants to try the Yucatan dishes tonight, shoot me an email.

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              1. re: CH Addict
                Robert Lauriston

                Oliveto charges $8.50 for a smallish ear salad, so you're getting a heck of a bargain there!

                1. re: CH Addict

                  The spiciness of the banh mi is a GOOD thing, IMO.

                  1. re: Jim Leff

                    No, no...spiciness GOOD (but fire water TOO spicey). What I meant was that first bite dulled my taste buds a bit so the mystery meat didn't really get to me until further reflection.

                    But since you like spicey, I'm wondering if you tried the salsa? Hoochie mama!

                    1. re: CH Addict

                      I did not. Mammoth heroism was required for them to deliver food to our table (you think it's easy for 27 people to cook for two guests?), and we were not inclined to further raise the bar by asking for hot sauce, water, napkins, etc.

                2. Just found this thread...have so far only read the first posting. Great job, C.A., this is a real find. I was lucky enough to be there on what I think must have been their first night, and there's awesome potential, and some really good stuff (and nice people) going on there right now.

                  There's a very high chowhound difficulty rating. The place is chaotic, frenzied, sloppy, crazy, and utterly lovable for those of us who like eating personal, soulful food off the beaten track. If you have fixed ideas about food service, STAY AWAY. If the idea of an idealistic, sincere dude and his wife opening a place called, sheesh, "Yucatasia" and the sheer impossibility of it all, go fall in love.

                  There are like four tiny tables and a kitchen the size of Kansas with like a zillion cooks. They make roast chicken in the pizza ovens, which they chop up for tacos and banh mi. It's insane, it's irresistible, and let's hope that 1. the ten chowhounds who appreciate such things keep them in business, and 2. the other gazillion hounds don't get huffy and imperious there and harsh the mellow.

                  If you're a banh mi wuss like me, get the chicken. It's damned good. Everything's pretty damned good, though it's the sort of place you might get freezing cold soup 'cuz they forgot to heat it.

                  Ok, will now read thru the thread now that I've weighed in as Mr. Opinionated....


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                  1. re: Jim Leff

                    Jeff, since you seem to appreciate warmth, kindness, and good food, go around the corner from Yucatasia to Yamo (changed to Burmese). These people are the epitome of warmth. However, if you just get Judy, she's really shy and won't speak much.

                    We just did a chowdown at Yamo on Sunday that I will try to post tomorrow. It really wasn't indicative of the normal experience though.

                    1. re: CH Addict

                      It's on top of my list.

                      Thing is, warmth and character are great, but the chow's got to be right. I hear mixed things, but I'm pretty up on Burmese, so I'm looking forward to trying lots of things there.


                      1. re: Jim Leff

                        Oh, it won't be the end all be all of Burmese food. What it is is tasty and frickin' cheap. For $5.25, I think the food is quite good but it ain't Burma Superstar. But if you tell them how you like something, they will make it to your liking. They cook a la minute and that's damn rare at these prices.