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Vietnamese in Culver City

For those who like Vietnamese food, there is a new place opening up on Sepulveda in Culver City called Pho Show.

I don't remember the address, but it's on the west side of the street near the Cuban place El Rincon Criollo, across from Tanner's coffee.

And, btw, has anyone else noticed that that stretch of Sep is becoming a coffee place row? There's Tanner's. There's Synergy Cafe. There's a coffee, bakery croissant place at Sep and Braddock (I forget the name). And there is another coffee place on the west side (same side as Synergy).

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  1. I've noticed the coffee proliferation too. There are a couple on Centinela as well. And of course a Starbucks is about to open on Centinela and Jefferson.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the pho place. I work nearby and am always looking for options. Do you know when it's opening?

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      I don't. I just noticed the sign on my way for some chicken, rice and beans at the Cuban place.

      I live in that neighborhood and spend a week or so on vacation drinking in Tanners, eating Cuban, eating sandwiches in Markie D's, Victor Jrs and Sorrentos, going to movies at The Bridge ...

      Don't forget, there is a French (sort of French) coffee place on Washington east of Joxers Daly (same block as Markie Ds). And there is one on Overland south of Vet Park ...

      It's an odd spot for all those coffee places because (even though you work nearby) it's not a huge commercial area, there isn't an office park nearby, it's not really near WLA College ... it's mostly residential.

      I don't mind, though. I like Tanners because it's comfortable for me, I like the coffee and think the girls ... errr ... young ladies who work there are really cool. Free wireless, too. I don't care about baked goods that much, so I haven't tried that bakery place at Braddock near Taco Bell.

      Have you tried Synergy or the other spot on the west side of Sep?

      I've written many articles in Tanner's .. good spot for me to work ...

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        I'm DYING to know if the starbucks on centinela and jefferson is going to be a drive thru. I'm addicted (though I shouldn't be) and have two small kids...i just can't get myself out of the car,dragging them behind anymore just to get a cup of coffee. Does anyone know?!!!

        1. re: mxgutierrez

          Interesting question ...

          You must love the drive-thru Starbucks on Lincoln and maybe the drive-thru Coffee Bean at Sepulveda and Palms.

          I'm a CB&TL guy ... but my truck won't fit through their drive-thru, so I always park in the Trader Joe's lot and walk in.

          1. re: mxgutierrez

            No drive-thru as far as I can tell. But they're slated to open around Oct 10 or 11. The parking should be pretty easy depending on the time you go. Most neighborhoods detest drive-thru anything - emissions from idling customers sucks...

            1. re: mxgutierrez

              I don't think so. I've looked carefully and it doesnt appear that there will be a drive through. Plenty of parking though.

          2. Pho Show! hahaha! What a clever name! I HAVE to check that place out now, "for sure!"

            1. Thanks for catching this, PaulF - I hope it's good! Good name, too. Love it.

              1. Thanks for the tip. I'm looking for a new Vietnamese spot since my favorite, Pho King in Rosemead, has closed down.

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                1. re: Chandavkl

                  What about Pho 79 on the corner of Garfield and Main?

                  I'm excited at the prospect of good Viet in this side of town, but I'm definitely tempering my expectations.

                  1. re: SauceSupreme

                    There is a Vietnamese place on Ocean in Venice or at least there was one at one time. That's sort of on the same side of town as Culver City ...

                    1. re: PaulF

                      I think you're thinking of China Beach Bistro, which is right across the street from Canal Club. I like it just fine; though it may not have the low prices/"authentic" feel of Vietnamese enclaves, it's a find for this part of town. Also, it's BYO, so it still ends up being quite reasonable. There's also a separate vegan menu that features, along with tofu, fake ham that's quite tasty.

                2. Great news! Thanks for the update, Paul. If you learn anything about when they will open, please post again.

                  1. i guess its time for me to open up "pho shizzle"

                    i was just in vegas and passed up "pho kim long" for "pho so 1"
                    but eventually i will eat at the more pornographic sounding joint...

                    1. Oh great. I hope it's good. I posted recently asking for Pho on the that side of town.

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                      1. re: jessisthebest11

                        Just dropped in on the place -- construction people said they will be opening in early November. Hurray!

                      2. There is also Absolutely PHO-bulous on La Cienega. Kind of funny name but the Pho is just OK. I'll take a boring name like Saigon Flavor, that has good Pho, over one with a clever name.

                        That said, I hope they have good food since I heard our office is moving to Culver City. I need somewhere to eat besides Tender Greens.

                        1. Pho show, what a great name!! I live near by & talked to the owner & he hopes restaurant will be open in the month of November. Mentioned Vietnamese beer & wine will be served.

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                          1. re: Robert3100

                            Do you know if he's doing banh mi or banh coun? If not, he should!

                          2. Has anyone tried "Pho Show" yet? I'd love a report.
                            I'm concerned about the cute title. From my experience, for some reason cute titles don't usually go with good food establishments. The 2 other pho places in the area are frustratingly faux Vietnamese, Phoreign on Sawtelle and Phobulous on LaCienega.

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                            1. re: Dyspepsia

                              I agree with the cutesy name thing. Cutesy name = Faux Pho. Oh wait, a place called that just opened in Silverlake/Los Feliz.

                              How about a place like Golden Deli? That doesn't even sound like they would serve VN food.

                            2. I'm excited about the prospect of good pho on the westside, too. We'll soon see if this place holds up the cutesy name=faux pho theory.

                              1. Drove by yesterday and saw the owner/family having lunch inside. The sign on the window said that the grand opening is today!

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                                1. re: lemon seeds

                                  Sorry to say, I am not a fan of China Beach. I had some terrible rubbery chicken there a couple days ago. The pho tasted too sweet, although my husband said it was OK for him. I live two blocks away and probably won't be back.