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Sep 6, 2007 11:06 AM

Best design and wine nyc?

I'm looking for recommendations for dinner in Manhattan for my boyfriend, who loves contemporary design, and his dad, who is a serious wine guy with a cellar, etc?

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  1. Unequivocally VERITAS in Flatiron. Frank Assmaster Bruni only gave them one star, and after reading his review I wonder if we went to the same place.

    I went on a cold rainy night on a Monday and though the place was pretty empty, the food was insane (in a good way), the decor is very minimalist but beautiful, and the army of sommeliers (in a good way) were super knowledgeable. Knowing quite a bit about wine myself, we had a few very interesting discussions. They even switched around all the stuff on the tasting menu for me once we had begun discussing our mutual like of Gruner Veltliner.

    Then, the waiter had only overheard (!) me discussing that I haven't had monkfish liver in quite sometime, and lo and behold, they added a monkfish liver course to the tasting menu just for me.

    I know this sounds like I work there, but I try to tell everybody that they simply must check the restaurant out. Spread the word.

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      Thank you!! So I tried to make a reservation and they didn't have one for me---if you have a second choice, I'd love to hear it!

    2. Cru -
      Have Robert Bohr or Michel Couvreux look after you.

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        Thanks! Looks perfect, but I tried it and they also couldn't seat us--

      2. The Modern sounds like the perfect kind of place for you. The wine program won't be quite as rich as Veritas or Cru, but it's pretty damn good.

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          They are closed for a private event!

        2. Gordon Ramsey at the London. I know, I know, celeb chef hype, but the food is wonderful and the space is beautiful.

          1. Not sure whether this is helpful or not but did you try OpenTable for the places that said no? Cru was showing availability for tonite, Veritas for tomorrow and Modern for Saturday when I just checked. Not sure which night you want.

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