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Sep 6, 2007 10:46 AM

Frogs Legs?

Will be going to Paris in a few weeks. I love frogs legs and I've found it hard to get them in Paris itself. I know that Allard has them regularly but my husband isn't crazy about Allard. Does anyone know of another restaurant/bistro that has them on the menu? Thanks.

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  1. Now you mention it it isn't that common. I am afraid the only restaurant we saw/had them was at Taillevent. May be the excuse you need to book a nice long lunch..? (although I am certain the menu changes daily)

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      I bet if you asked at Taillevent for them (when you make your reservation) you'd find them on the menu that day (or at least available for you).

    2. chez henri- moulin au vent.........has terrific frog's legs with garlic,butter and,if i recall,a touch of red

      1. Some years ago there was a place in St Germain (7th) named Roger the Frog that primarily did frog legs.

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          French Yellow pages says it's still there. Actually in the 6th, Roger le Grenouille is at 26 r. Grands Augustins. Be warned this is definitely not a fancy restaurant and is infamous for serving a special dessert for ladies.

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            The food's OK, but not great at this place, and I had the frog legs.

            The dessert was not that funny a joke,

        2. Frogs legs was a big Loiseau specialty and I believe that they still do it in restaurants of the group like Tante Marguerite (and definitely in Saulieu). In many fancy restaurants, you should just call them in advance that it is what you would like and they will order them for you. No doubt Taillevent or les Elysées will do it. Tante Marguerite or Tante Jeanne probably. As it is considered fish in traditional French cuisine, you should also see Le Duc and Le Divellec, big fish specialists.

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            <Frogs legs was a big Loiseau specialty > We certainly enjoyed them there! When I win the lottery I want to go stay there for a week while I visit the vineyards and wineries nearby.....

          2. My son absolutely love frog legs and has them wherever he can when he's traveling with us in France. One of his favorite places is the Royal Madeleine just off the Place Madeleine. They are served as an entree, but the portion is large. Their website, which includes the menu is

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              There is a restaurant famous for snails which also features frog legs; "l'Escargot Montorgueil" in the 1st near Les Halles.