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Sep 6, 2007 10:40 AM


I miss Schnell-Imbisse in Berlin ... any chance of finding a really good currywurst place in DC or Baltimore?

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  1. The German Gourmet and Heidelberg Bakery in Falls Church are excellent sources of German food.

    1. Binkert's meats, north of Baltimore, should almost certainly have what you're looking for (they make all of their own sausages and other meat products).

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        Currywurst is not a particular type of sausage. It is a sauce (basically a spicy ketchup).

        1. re: ChewFun

          It's at least worth a call. I believe that they have a table of sauces.

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            Never knew that - the currywurst I order is most definitely a sausage, not a sauce, and doesn't come with ketchup or any sauce for that matter (doesn't taste like spicy ketchup either). I realize that in Germany when you get one it may come covered in ketchup, but at the place in NYC where I had it, it doesn't. Do you mean that it's just a regular sausage that's cooked in a curry sauce, hence the name for the sausage? Always wondered how they were made.

            1. re: eating out

              Yes, it's just a regular sausage not cooked in a curry sauce but covered after it is cooked in a kind of spicy ketchup.

        2. Have also been searching - to no avail. Heard German Gourmet doesn't have it, not sure about the other place. However, if you are in NYC, Lederhosen, a little German Bar in the East Village does have it, and it is delicious!

          1. The Hamburg Doener mobile restaurant in Leesburg has it, along with doener kabab, felafel, and other goodies.


            Click on Menu and scroll down--it's under Sausages

            1. I've bought curry ketchup at german gourmet on lee highway, and it is the brand commonly sold in german grocery stores. and since they have a ton of fresh sausage (and german beer), i think you should be able to satisfy the craving!