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Sep 6, 2007 10:40 AM

Central Market - Best Cheese [moved from Texas board]

I'm so overwhemled by their cheese selection but have found a few favorites. What are your top choices for cheeses that REALLY stand out from the crowd? If you don't shop at Central but have some fine favorites, do share!

Mine, in this order:

1. XO Beemster (complex and divine, all by itself)
2. Rogue Creamery smokey blue (wonderful alone or with apricot jam on crackers)

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  1. it's really tough to choose a favorite, but two that come to mind are:
    Neal's Yard Cashel (because I'm eating it now)
    Cypress Grove Humbolt Fog (I love the outer edge where it's transformed from chalky to gooey)

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      Thanks for the recs. I've had other Neal's Yard but not the Cashel. I also love Humbolt Fog but didn't know it was at Central. Best, Christy

    2. I personally love Parrano Robusto
      by uniekaas. They sample it with an antipasti of olives, peppers and olive oil with beautiful seasonings, amazing
      and the ski queen gjetost brown cheese (sp.?) Amazing on crispbread with unsalted butter and fruit.
      Humboldt Fog is lovely and they also carry some beautiful manchegos.

      1. I bought an Antique Emmenthaler last week that was just to die for!

        1. Humboldt Fog
          Jasper Hill Constant Bliss

          1. I tried the Rogue smoky blue last night - it's really delicious. Not as smoky as I might have liked, and fairly mild as blues go - but it was good enough that I ate too much of it :)