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Sep 6, 2007 10:11 AM

Chinese Bakery in Tampa? Looking for moon cakes

Does anyone know of a Chinese bakery/Asian Bakery in Tampa that sells fresh moon cakes? We are looking for louts paste or fruit filled cakes (No meat/fish)


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  1. go to the Lucky Bamboo Bakery in a strip mall with the Din Ho Market and China Yuan restaurant. Off Armenia just norty of Waters in Tampa. Moon cakes, Lotus cakes, lots and lots of buns. I love that place--- nothing is too sweet.

    1. Just went to the chinese bakery today on Aremnia! I immensely enjoyed trying the red bean lotus cake, the taro roll, and took home a sausage and scallion roll. They also have White Moon Cake. Freakin' good!. I'm glad I read your inquiry about moon cakes because I was going over there to try the China Yuan, but they were closed! (They're renovating, and won't be open again until October by the way.) What a nice find in trying something new.

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        Jeez, I find out about this cool bakery and all these stuffed rolls and 'Moon Cakes' on my 4th successful day back on Atkins!

        It ain't easy bein' me!

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          Do you have an address or phone number for this Lucky Bamboo Bakery? I searched for it on numerous yellowpages online and google but it didn't come up anywhere. I'm thinking about visiting it on Saturday but I'm driving there from Ft. Lauderdale and I want to make sure it'll be open when I get there.


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            The address of that shopping center is 8502 N.Armenia St. If Lucky Bamboo is the successor to Fortune Star Bakery, that would be unit #2A. I wonder if the Fortune Star phone number was taken over--it was (813) 930-6331.

            1. re: Chandavkl

              Thanks for the info. I also found Fortune Star on the yellowpages as well as "Xie's Oriental Bakery" listed as having the same address (down to the suite number) as Fortune Star. But they definitely still have moon cakes there, right?

              1. re: lydiainflorida

                Oceanic Supermarket in Tampa also carries a variety of mooncakes.
                1609 N Tampa St
                Tampa, FL 33602
                (813) 254-2041