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Sep 6, 2007 10:05 AM

WEST LA: Tacos and Soup?

Okay, so I love two things in a sick kind of way: Taco's and Soup. I just got an account here so I can get the scoop on what the best places are for both Taco's and Soup. And no, they don't have to be in the same restaurant. Don't tell me Tito's, cuz I'm trying to find an alternatives (26 year search, no results so far) to standing in 20 minute lines all hours of the day. Thanks, and bon appetite!

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  1. Ah... but you can have them both at the same time.

    Monte Alban. Tacos de Barbacoa and Consome Ranchero (or tortilla soup if you want to go for something a little heartier). Mind you, the selection of tacos is limited to Barbacoa only (Tacos Enchilados, also on the menu, are not tacos as most Americans understand them), and there are only two soups.

    ... but they are arguably the best soups in town, and the tacos are pretty terrific if you like slowly braised goat (and why wouldn't you).

    1. Right next to Monte Alban is El Super Taco. They're in the same strip mall.

      Go there as soon as possible!!! They have numerous types of tacos: fish, carnitas, suadero, cabeza, pollo, chorizo, you name it. I've never had a bad experience there. Tacos are only $1.10 each, every day. My boyfriend and I have been going there at least once a week since we discovered it. And it's open really late on the weekends too, with no lines.

      It's a couple blocks east of Bundy on Santa Monica Blvd. Enjoy!

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        Just to be specific, it's the strip mall at the northwest corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Brockton.

        1. re: Evan G

          actually, it's in the northeast corner of the intersection.

          u-zen is at the northwest corner.

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            Bah--that's what I get for listening to the radio while replying.

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          2nd the rec for El Super Taco. Also, on Gateway near Barrington, try Tacomiendo...

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            When did the tacos at El Super Taco go up to $1.10 from a buck?! Damn. I have also been a fan of theirs. I like the al pastor and the carnitas -- the carne asada has been inconsistent, usually really good, but a couple of times grey, chewy and awful. Note that they garnish their tacos with grilled onions instead of the usual raw chopped, which are available at their salsa bar. My favorite item there is the habanero salsa, orangeish and labelled "very hot" -- a few drops mixed with their red salsa gives it a tasty kick. I do notice that their specialty offering appears to be the tortas -- they have a couple of presses and that's what I see a lot of regulars eating.

            1. re: voodoochild

              I strongly agree with the El Super Taco and Monte Alban recs. My advice is to order the soup at Monte Alban, head over to El Super Taco for the tacos while you're waiting, then return for the soup. Having done something similar (i.e., order food to go at both) the timing should work perfectly.

              1. re: voodoochild

                If you're in that neighborhood you should really go across the street and try Pili's Tacos. Great barbacoa, carnitas, al pastor and lengua tacos. And I suppose weekend menudo and birria stew counts as soup!

              2. Tacos Por Favor in Santa Monica. Chicken Soup most days. Menudo and Birria on the weekends. More known for tacos than soup.

                Guelaguetza in Palms, Oaxacan like Monte Alban but one or two extra soups on the menu.

                1. The talpa on Pico, Good Albondigas, Cocido, Posole, caldo de pollo is so so. Don't know about the menudo I can't stand tripe.

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                    And fantastic tacos de asada and carnitas. (These are listed as "special" tacos on the top right of their menu, and are different from the regular taco platters.) The asada, especially, has great flavor. It is served on a large, flat tortilla with pico de gallo. It's my favorite taco on the Westside.

                  2. if you are by beverly/la brea the fish grill has awesome fish tacos and great salmon chowder soup. you could get both in one place.