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Sep 6, 2007 10:01 AM

Coromandel Milford Review

Went last Sat.and I have to say this was the best Indian food we have ever had.From an appetizer of calamari to the desserts of vermicelli rice pudding and 2 different types of ice cream we were impressed.The calamari was spicy and was as good as any we have had in an Italian restaurant.I had Chicken Korma and I have never had any this good-creamy and chicken very tender with not one piece dried out-perfect.The Chicken Tikka Masala,Lamb Saag and a shrimp dish drew raves from our party.The quality of the food IMO is the equal of Paci in Southport.We cannot wait to go back.

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      1. re: BusbyB

        Actually, it's in Orange, CT on Rt. 1

        Coromandel Cuisine of India
        185 Boston Post Rd, Orange, CT 06477

    1. *Thanks* for this! We live in Milford, are huge fans of Indian food - I'm a Brit and grew up on it - and didn't know this place existed. So, we ate take-out from there this evening (would have dined in if we'd seen it beforehand - very attractive and welcoming) and it was _glorious_. Not so much 'great Indian food' as 'great food which happens to be Indian'. My lamb in a yoghurt-raisin marinade was fantastic: delicate but bold, perfectly done. The tikka marsala had complexity too often missing from the dish - anyway, you get the picture, this was great food.

      Some small quibbles, granted; the naan is clearly not made for take-out, and instead of the lamb samosa I ordered I got a lamb-stuffed naan. However, when we cam in to pick up, the staff treated my 4 year-old to a glass - and then a second! - of mango lassi, and were hugely warm; the manager, Matthew, was also very interested in chowhound so maybe he'll read this :). With service that pleasant and food *that* good, we'll be going back often. [Incidentally, it's now a small chain - Stamford, Darien, New Rochelle - and their website is According the the Times review I just checked out, they even have a good wine list. OK, now I'm sounding like a shill - but really, try this place.]

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        I have eaten there twice, and was quite impressed, very nice decor. A more varied menu than other Indian restaurants in the area excellent food. I will be back