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Sep 6, 2007 09:54 AM

Cake Balls?! Heard of them? Have any tips?

I recently tried cake balls, and while not the BEST dessert I have had, it was pretty good. I have read that they are made with regular cake, regular icing, balled up, frozen and then dipped in melted candy chocolate.
Has anyone tried these? Do youhave any tips on making them? Any GREAT combos? Also does regular store cake and icing work? I am a make from scratch kind of girl, so this will be new for me!

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  1. This isn't quite the same thing, but my husband hard freezes ice cream in small balls (about 3" in diameter). Wraps them with slices of pound cake. Dips them in egg batter and deep fries. Drizzles with caramel. It's decadent and he doesn't make them often.

    1. A couple of years ago I took a course at the Culinary Institute at Hyde Park. In the shop there, the most popular item, if memory serves, was a bag of treats made of leftover brownies mashed up with butter and a lot of rum and rolled into balls. The rum gave them a surprisingly good shelf life. This sort of thing could probably be dipped in melted chocolate, but that might be overkill...they were incredibly rich without it. Not my cup of tea, but I can see how they would appeal to the chocolate fan.

      1. Brownie balls sounds great...and the Ice cream balls sound kinds hard to master, he must have some patience. I will do some other searching around for ideas, but I assure you that these little things are really good!

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          Actually, every Xmas I use a Martha Stewart recipe to make rum balls. You bake the brownie recipe in a sheet pan - so it cook quickly, and then let cool. You put it in the bowl of a stand mixer with the paddle attachment, mix, while adding rum and golden raisins.

          They are a fan favourite.

        2. here is a link: she uses Tim Tams--rich Australian commercial cookies, but you could use cake and frosting too, but maybe add a tiny pinch of salt to approximate the cookies' flavor profile--and makes "Pops" out of them.

          Cake bakers beware!! you'll get lost in her cake blog entries. Talk about innate talent!

          1. Cake balls are fun to make! You just bake a cake in your desired flavor, and while it is still warm, you crumble it into a bowl and mix with one can of frosting in your choice of flavors. Take a melon baller and scoop out balls and roll until round. Let chill in the fridge or freezer on a cookie sheet for about a half hour. Melt some dipping chocolate or almond bark in a pan and dip the cake balls in it. Put them back on the cookie sheet and put back in the fridge until set. I like to use the German chocolate cake mix with the pecan coconut icing and then dipped in chocolate. To die for. Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing dipped in the chocolate is wonderful too. Lemon cake, lemon icing dipped in white chocolate….you get the idea. The only thing is…don’t dip dark colored cake mixes in the white chocolate, it just won’t coat well. Betty Crocker makes a wonderful drizzle in the cake aisle that you just microwave and after the balls are cooled, you can drizzle white or milk chocolate over the balls for a decorative touch. They look incredibly fancy, but aren’t too difficult. I suppose you could roll them in nuts or coconut or sprinkles if you wanted to.

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              Do they come out like truffles, or are they still cakey?

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                I made some tonight...they are like truffles, and sooo tasty. I was surprised at how good they were, I had my doubts with the box cake, store icing.. I considered making my own icing, but figured I would try it this way first.

                I made red velvet cake, cream cheese icing (i did doctor it up with powdered sugar and some vanilla) I did just as TiffanyBlue said, but i did freeze the balls for a few hours prior to coating. Sprinkle colored sugar on top...done. YUM