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Sep 6, 2007 09:45 AM

'Tuna Town' in Huntington Beach?

My buddy keeps telling me about 'Tuna Town' in Huntington Beach. But we've never set a definite date and time to meet there... (BTW he live in the area.) I know I will be in good company, but what do you guys think. Is it worth the drive (from Pasadena)? I have not found any concrete reviews about this place... Please help!

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  1. Tuna Town is place a that I heard of from friends. I never been there myself, but would be nice to know how this place rates among us in chowhound.

    1. We did a company party the first year it was open, and I thought it was fine. Looking back, it was average. IMHO, go for the company and the cool factor that it's owned by someone "rock star" famous.

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        Thanks Brekkie! I'll see if we could head on over there this weekend... If the restaurant isn't all that, at least we'll be minutes away from the beach!!!! Thanks again.

      2. Is it a house of ill repute?

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          It does appear to be a sort of meat market :)

          I walked past it on the way to Sharkeez last week, and the lighting and decor inside are very modern (purple soft lighting and modern furniture/sleek look). Could be a fun place if the food is any good, plus its on Main St. in Huntington Beach, steps from the pier.