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Sep 6, 2007 09:43 AM

Lunch Near Sagamore Hill/Oyster Bay

Planning a trip to TR's house tomorrow and would like to find a good chowish spot for lunch. Hopefully someplace with a little charm. Not anywhere that is formal.

We'll be traveling from Manhattan and don't mind going somewhere either a little further afield or on the way back to the city. Certainly something right in the Sagamore Hill vicinity would be nice. Anything on the water is a bonus. We wouldn't be interested in any ethnic or haute cuisine that could be had better/cheaper in the city. On the other hand, any sort of dining that's hard to come across in Manhattan is very welcome.

I did a search on this and came up with only one other thread:

None of the options discussed in that thread sound appealing.

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  1. I live in Oyster Bay(only for about 16 months), unfortunatly your options are the greatest. The other thread mentions Tabby's, its known for their burgers, i frankly think they are moderatle at best. I've heard good things about Fiddleheads but have not been. Wild Honey is nice, i beleive they serve lunch, but might be more formal than you were looking for. There is a grill type place called Cantabury ales which is nice, not formal, its like a pub/grill. Also a block after you pass CVS is the Oyster Bay Clam bar place. I've only been once, its sort of a shack type place with outdoor dining if you want, but more expensive than it should be, but I had a good meal when I went. There is nothing on the water except North of Oyster Bay in Bayville and nothing in the sagamore hill area. By the way, don't eat the Pizza anywhere in town, its pretty bad everywhere. Actually one other thought, if you like Sushi, there is a descent place in the back of the Green Wagon Market in the same strip mall as Eckerd/Rite Aid. You have to go into the store to get to the restaurant.

    1. Hi, hope you are seeing this, as the site is acting up. OBay is stinky for chowish parents and sister live me, there's not much. Canterbury's is gross and $$. I say, pop over the hill into Huntington village, 10 minutes by car tops. Kura Barn is very good Japanese and they serve lunch, on the pricey side beware. But, very, very, good food. Or, Finnegans on Wall Street is good for a burger and the like. It's a very historical place, it's been there since the 30's. My parents went "courting" there, I went there with an I.D. doctored w/ black eyeliner (those were the days...) and we still go there today. Stick w/ the burger, chili, etc. though. And, Skorpios or Meditteranean Snack Bar are good for greek in Huntington Village. I think lately Skorpios is considered better.

      On the water in Bayville is Wall's Wharf. I'm not sure if they serve lunch though.

      Also, Prime on NY Ave. is on the water, great, new space. Location can't be beat. You can read reviews here.

      Have fun!

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        i would have suggested Huntington too, but this person wanted to be in Oyster bay or near sagamore hill, and since they are coming from the west i doubt they wanted to go further east. I've been to Skorpios and Med snack bar, both are good, but if you want Greek, I highly highly recommend "Its Greek to me" in Syosset, its about 1 block south of the Syosset train station. Actually if you look at a map, its one exit past 106/107 on the LIE and Northern State, which is South Oyster Bay rd and you can shoot North, (or South if your on your way out of the area) to hit it up.

        Regarding Canteburys, i had a great burger, and some really good steamers the last time i was there, didn't think it was too expensive, and if you like beer they have a very good beer menu compared to an average restaurant. Would never call the place gross, it is not related to Cantebury ales in Hungtington anymore, been to both the one in Oyster Bay is nicer, the one in Huntington serves more traditional stuff, like sheppards pie, bangers & mash, fish and chips