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Sep 6, 2007 09:36 AM

Starlight for Brunch

II had the pleasure of stopping by Starlight in the Warehouse district for lunch this weekend. What a wonderful experience.

The space is open and bright with lots of windows (most will remember the old Gilligan’s, very similar) only with a large chandelier in the middle of the back space. Surprisingly quiet for the space and lack of dampers.

I ordered the Eggs Benedict and hubbers had the Steak and Eggs (at my request) and, of course, a couple of mimosas.

I noticed on the description of my EB that it didn’t have a broiled tomato. I asked if it did, and without a moment’s hesitation, the waiter offered to have it added (either I’m not the first by a long shot, or the waiter handled this exceptionally –either way, I’m happy). Hubbers ordered his steak medium-rare and eggs were fried.

Mimosas were wonderful with just a hint of o.j.

Orders arrived quickly and FINALLY someone knows how a poached egg is supposed to be – soft whites with a warm, runny interior. They were wonderful and arrived with my tomato nestled between the ham and egg. Hollandaise sauce was really special with just a hint of tarragon (doesn’t that technically make it béarnaise?) but so good I had to ask for just a bit more for dipping. Hubbers steak was very tasty with coffee undertones in the accompanying wild mushroom reduction sauce and his eggs were not the least bit greasy and had warm, runny interiors as well. They didn’t appear to be fried, but rather poached in a fried egg configuration (picture a really soft, unscrambled omelet). He said the grits were wonderful, but I’m not a grit fan.

We were never rushed and, although we didn’t have coffee after, our meal ran about an hour.

A very pleasant start to a Sunday indeed.

Has anyone been for lunch/dinner?

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    1. re: MPH

      I really enjoyed your report and inputs, amysuehere. It sounds like an all around GREAT place for a relaxing and delicious Sunday brunch ... with all that entails.

      1. re: MPH

        Thanks for the report, AmySue. I'm always glad to get feedback from you and Rudeboy, and have been since the old Statesman food board days.
        How would you compare the Eggs Benedict here and at Eastside, if you had to pick just one?

        1. re: Alan Sudo

          Hey sudonym (was that your name before, or was it Alan Sudo?). I liked not getting flagged half the time on that board. Ahhh, those were the days!

          Feel free to flag this, you chowhound bastards! It's so easy, just click on the link that says "report." Hell, I may report myself when I read this tomorrow.

          I haven't had any benedict recently, but I did have another excellent breakfast last week at Austin diner. It was a special tamal, in a banana leaf, with sunny up eggs and refried black beans. One big tamal with shredded pork inside (with what tasted like achiote/chile). Of course, I subbed the green mole for the "ancho sauce." One big tamal - excellent. Their coffee absolutely sucks, though, as does their pancake syrup. But you'll never know by tomorrow morning.......

          1. re: Alan Sudo

            Absolutely the one at Starlight. While the one at Eastside is perfectly fine, it's not a super-standout. This one stood out there with ones in NOLA, (which I'm headed to first week of October, lucky me).

            One teeny-tiny critisim...which the bread were a more robust sourdough.


        2. Wow - thanks for a mouth-watering report....the last time an amysuehere report wound me up this tight was the discovery of Flip Happy. I don't know why I never considered Starlite for an occasion...I certainly will now - brunch looks (and reads!) interesting and delicious, the dinner menu is promising and the cocktail menu may be the answer to another thread going right now...the cucumber cocktail is singing a siren song to me...

          1. Amysue I have to thoroughly agree in fact my SO just suggested that we go as I was reading your review. I have been for brunch, cocktails but not yet dinner and that is next on my list!