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Sep 6, 2007 09:09 AM

Corporate Catering in Calgary

Part of my oh so exciting job is to find caterers for our group's monthly lunches. I have three that are my standbys, Gruman's, Spolumbo's and Sunterra. While these are great I would love to have some input from the foodies here on anywhere that delivers fantastic corporate catering.

Generally I tend to order sandwiches, but I'm happy to change things up a bit and if it is worthwhile order something hot.

My thoughts on the current Caterers:

Grumans: Fantastic food, always very fresh. The service is fantastic and they have never missed a delivery time (which is important when you have a bunch of hungry coworkers to feed). I'm not completely impressed with their desserts, but since the sandwiches rock, I'm not complaining.

Spolumbo's : Again great sandwiches (and I dont' expect less from these guys), HUGE portions and very meat centric. My only problem with them is they often rely on meaty things and the vegetarians in our group aren't always happy when I order from here, plus, their salads aren't great. Very tasty and home made feeling desserts.

Sunterra: They are good, but not great, they have a fantastic sandwich selection which we love, but their inability to deliver on time makes things a bit difficult. This might have changed, but I know in the past they have left me wanting and in awkward situations. That being said when the food comes it is good.

So that being said, does anyone have any other suggestions for catering that I can order in for lunches or when our people are working late.

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  1. i would check out Infuse
    I'm not sure if they do lunches but it would be worth a phone call. they do the food for the lougheed house restaurant and it was amazing food- super fresh, all local ingredients. They also have opened a little retail spot (Forage) in marda loop on 19 St SW and 34 Ave SW - they may be the place to talk to first and try a couple items. They were closed saturdays most of the summer for event. There they have daily hot take away items - i haven't tried it yet but later this month they are also having a turkey tasting which sounds like a good idea :)

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      You could also check out
      They do bar stuff and some catering I think.
      I have heard rave reviews about their service

    2. My company frequently orders from Office Gourmet. Their “Supreme boxes” are delightful box lunches with a nice sandwich, small salad (potato, green, macaroni and fruit are all ones I’ve seen) and a cookie. The box includes napkins and utensils too.

      1. Try the Lazy Loaf and Kettle
        Huge sammies on homemade bread, and yummy desserts. Not to mention the coffee....

        1. We always use Office Gourmet at work, we usually order their sandwich trays (the NY Deli is pretty good), I always get great complements on their food... We've also tried some of their hot lunches for our big boardroom meetings (their lasagne is deeelicious, and they have a meat and veggie option), they set up the tables, tablecloths, chefing dishes and everything (presentation is gorgeous and impecable)... Service is great, whenever I have people with special dietary requirements (celiac, vegetarian, allergies) they've always been able to customize their food. I like to order through the phone because I can ask questions, but my co-worker usually orders online. Either way, food is always great.

          Their number is 403-256-9344,

          1. I'm very fond of Peppino's in Kensington, great italian style sandwiches and lots of options for vegetarians (Eden's delight is fantastic). My only dig is they don't take Amex which is my company's only card.