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Sep 6, 2007 08:59 AM

Gelsons deli and salad bar

Does anyone know if they make the same sort of salads and sides at most of the Gelsons? I'm asking because I normally go down to the one in Pasadena for my lunch break and love the tomato and cheese thing they've got at the salad bar (kinda like caprese, but the cheese is a harder cheese) and I want to pick some up for Hollywood Bowl picnicing this weekend at a Gelsons that is closer. Weird question...I know. Thanks for the help though!

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  1. There are a lot of similarities, but some differences. Their recipes are pretty standard between stores. However, you can never be certain that a specific Gelsons will have a particular deli or salad item on any single day. Why don't you call the Gelsons you are thinking of using and ask if they have that salad item?

    1. Reasonably. The best thing to do would be to call ahead and ask.. They can even set your order aside for you to come and pick up.

      Going to the bowl from Pasadena, you are closest to the North Hollywood Gelson's-which is one of the better delis and salad/soup bar. They also have a new hot food bar that puts out food related to the closest other words, breakfast in the morning, lunch items at lunch and dinner items in the evening.

      Then again, why not just get everything in Pasadena?

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        ah...see I work in Pasadena, live in Culver City. So i'm coming from there. I'm thinking of calling up the one in Century City. We're taking the park and ride from downtown culver. Just an idea to get gelsons. you know, and just eat out of their containers. but if you have any other suggestions for bowl food, they're more than welcome!

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          Gelson's has "bowl boxes" you can order ahead that are amazing. With a good wine and cheese selection to boot (Culver city is a good store!) I would go ahead and go Gelson's!

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            There is a Gelson's in Marina del Rey, which is a lot closer and less trafficky from Culver City than driving into Century City!! On bottom floor of Marina Market Place bldg on Maxella between Del Rey and Glencoe. Enter on Del Rey and you go straight down to Gelson's. Lots of parking.

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            There is a Gelson's in Silverlake on Hyperion. That would be on her/his way from Pasadena....

          3. I hate to say this, but I think the food in Gelson Newport's counter looks like it's been there a looong time... Esp. the hot food. I do see them replenishing the salad bar frequently, though.

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              No problems in Marina del Rey. I can sure vouch for the fresh sliced turkey--it's still cooling off from the oven when they hand-slice it. Real bird, not pressed "Boars Head" as at Bristol Farms, Whole Foods, the upscaled Ralphs or Vons counters, or other such. And (surprisingly for Gelson's) less expensive than those, and much less expensive than equally good real fresh turkey at a Jewish deli.