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Sep 6, 2007 08:36 AM

SF to Graeagle - where to stop?

I'm going to a wedding this weekend in Graeagle. I've never been there and don't know anything about it or the area. I've finally checked google maps and discovered its a 4.5 hour drive via 780 to 80 to 89 to 70. Apparently I'll be going through these cities: Davis, Sacramento, Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, Newcastle, Auburn, Meadow Vista, Applegate, Colfax, Gold Run, Dutch Flat, Alta, Emigrant Gap, Norden, Truckee, Sierraville, Calpine, Clip, Blairsden and Graeagle.

I'm going to start pouring over this board and internet guides now.

My questions are:

1. On the drive up and back are there any super-cool foodie places I need to stop at - a fabulous dairy? a family sausage-making endeavor? an awesome brewpub? a killer diner? (For example, on a recent trip to Los Banos, our must stop place was Wolfsen's in Gustine -


2. Is there any must see or do in Graeagle? We're staying at the Chalet View Lodge which seems pretty darn fancy so I'm assuming we'll be there the whole time, but maybe there's something cool enough to lure me away from the fancy day spa, pool and jacuzzi?


PS - I'll post the findings my research when I'm done.

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  1. A couple of miles south of Graeagle on Hwy 89 is the turnoff for Gold Lake Road. Make the turn for the most scenic drive in the area. This road takes you west and then south through perhaps the most picturesque area of the northern Sierra. You will pass the turnoff to Grey Eagle Lodge, which has good food. Gold Lake Road connects with Hwy 49 at Bassett’s Station, which is just east of Sierra City. Bassett’s is the place to stop if you want a hamburger and a milkshake. If you go east on Hwy 49, you reconnect with Hwy 89. If you’re driving a 4x4, you can drive to the top of the Sierra Buttes for an unparalleled view of the mountains from Tahoe to Mt. Lassen.
    Often in the winter, I stay at Chalet View Lodge, which is a very nice motel. You may want to inspect the Grizzly Grill in Blairsden, Longboards at Plumas Pines Golf Course in Mohawk , the Iron Door in Johnsville, the Lodge at Whitehawk Ranch south of Graeagle or Firewoods at Grey Eagle Lodge for dinner.

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      I don't see it mentioned, so I'll go ahead and bring up the Nakoma Resort and Spa. If not for the food (which is excellent for dinners I might add...), then go for a drink and enjoy the wonderful architecture and surroundings. The lodge is simply exquisite in it's design and execution.

      Enjoy no matter what - I live in Connecticut now and nothing compares to the West Coast and the Sierras especially.

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        Nakoma was good - they went bankrupt about 2 years ago and no longer exist.

    2. We live in Reno and spend a lot of time in Graeagle. Have you never taken Hwy 80 to Tahoe? There are a lot of gems on the way. Auburn has Ikedas for great baked goods, burgers, shakes, etc. Favorites in Truckee are Squeeze Inn for an outstanding breakfast. Pianeta and Dragonfly are really great dinner and lunch spots. The whole Graeagle/Blairsden/Plumas Pines area has good dining choices, too. Our favorite is Longboards at Plumas Pines golf course. Followed by Iron Door as a close second, maybe even a tie. Coyote Grille is good, too. Beware of Grizzly Grille - we have dined here in the past to outstanding meals, however, last weekend we ate there and it was wretched. I hate to dis based on one meal, but I had heard it was for sale, and am thinking it may have sold. For a breakfast treat, be sure to visit The Village Baker in Blairsden, but be there before 9:00 tho, or else they will be sold out.

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        That's very interesting info on the Grizzly Grill. We used to eat there regularly but we were treated so rudely last summer that we quit going. I thought the food was still the same but evidently not. Thank you for the heads up. It’s sad that so many of the restaurants in the mountains are closing or severely cutting back because of utility costs, I guess.