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Sep 6, 2007 08:17 AM

The paint on my Le Creuset kettle is peeling.

Has anyone had this problem? We've only had it for a couple of years, and now the paint is starting to chip off of the bottom; it's starting to cake onto the burners.

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  1. Le Creuset is fired enamel and baked on. Its made of vitreous enamelled cast iron and that's very durable but will chip if clunked. I'm thinking you may have overheated it at some point. Check their web site. They have a very good warranty.

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      Le Creuset products have a 100 year warranty that I believe covers chips. Yours shouldn't have chips this soon. I have a pot that's 20 years old with only a slight chip on the top edge.

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        Also, never put a cold pot on a hot burner. Nor put a hot pot under cold water. Sudden changes in temperature will weaken the glaze-iron bond, since each expands-contracts at different rates. Also, any extreme temperatures may not be good for enamelized iron over the long term.