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Sep 6, 2007 08:16 AM

Lunch in Venice

Have gotten recs for dinner from this board, but looking for some nice spots for lunch. Staying in Dorsoduro and my husband does not eat fish. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Does your husband eat shellfish? That opens a lot more possibilities. I have a recommendation in Campo Santa Margherita in Dorsoduro, but I imagine you'll be all over the city when lunch strikes. Our other lunch spots were heavy into fish.

    At any rate, the place is Al Sportivo, a pizzeria. I believe the menu offers more than pizza, but that's why the restaurant was suggested and that's what we ate. The pizza list is long and varied. We ordered one pizza with eggplant, zucchini, and sausage and the other with proscuitto and porcini mushrooms. We preferred the eggplant combo. The crust on both pizzas was really wonderful. The pizzas were larger than the hand gesture of the waiter had led us to believe and we had left-overs. Before you order, look about to see how you feel about the size of the pizza for one person. Next time, we'd order one pizza only for two of us and add a green salad. I think we had glasses of the house wine.

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      Thank you for the recs. He will eat shrimp, but that's about it for fish/shellfish. I guess it's a good thing he likes pizza.

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        If your husband likes shrimp, he's going to be fine in Venice. If he learns the names of the many varieties of shrimps available in Venice, he'll have even more options. When he sees words like "schie" or "scampi" or "canocche" on the menu he'll know he's essentially ordering shrimp.An extra fun activity would be to visit to the Rialto market to see the varieties.

        Incidentally, schie and polenta is good old shrimp and grits!

    2. There is a cluster of small, quality restaurants on Calle Lunga San Barnaba, close to the church of San Barnaba (coming from the Accademia, you arrive here just before getting to Campo Santa Margherita.
      We enjoyed a great lunch at tiny Osteria San Barnaba (also called da Sandro, after the proprietor) who has 4 tables in the back and whose wife cooks a limited number of daily dishes (mostly non-fish, he is from the nearby mountain region) - great wines, hospitality, atmosphere. La Bitta (no seafood) Quattro Ferri (mainly seafood) and Oniga (dont know) are nearby, so at least one should be open for your lunch. The Pasticceria on that same San Barnaba Square facing the church is quite good if you are still hungry after your lunch. There is also a supermarket tucked into the corner - on the right as you enter Cpo Santa Margherita - if you want to see how that works in Venice. Also, a good oldfashioned bakery (not bread) on Calle Lunga San Barnaba on beyond where the restuarant cluster is, on the right, that makes a "focaccia" - basically a sweet bread specialty and a few other items (recommended by Fred Plotkin, and very good).

      1. Lunch at Harry's Bar overlooking the Grand Canal is one of my favorite memories from a trip to Venice with my mother. I'd go again for the Bellinis alone!