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Sep 6, 2007 07:38 AM

Il Refolo, Venice

Thanks to reviews here and elsewhere, I've got Il Refolo on my list for October. Sadly, I've been told on another board that it is closed in October, although another source online states it's open April through October. Does anyone know for sure? We will be in Venice Oct. 27 & 28.

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  1. these sorts of things tend to be flexible - its an outdoor establishment and when they close may depend on the weather. Id just hang loose and see - there are plenty of other places, even in that immediate vicinity. Or you could give them a call and see.

    1. Yes, it does close in October. Has nothing to do with the weather--that's just their season.

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        Bummer! We were planning to eat there during the first week in October. Thanks for the info though.

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          But to your point--I don't know if it's THROUGH October or closed by Oct. I can't remember. I remember we went one night in latish fall--and they were closed. I know they're closed by Nov, but they may be open through mid-Oct. So don't give up hope! Ask when you get there.

          1. re: aimb

            There is hope for us both! Thanks :)