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Sep 6, 2007 07:02 AM

What to order at Canoe?

Hi Folks,

I have reservations for this restaurant and was wondering what you would recommend from each of the following: appetizers, entrees, desserts and wine sections. Or the alternative would be to go for the tasting menu. What do you think?

Much thanks in advance :




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  1. Hi Sugarcube

    In my personal experience, I've had the best meals at Canoe when ordering from the a-la-carte menu, as opposed to ordering one of their tasting menus. But ultimately it is your choice.

    On the current menu, I really like the Yukon Potato Gnocchi as an appetizer. The gnocchi melts in your mouth, the texture enhanced by the crispy sweetbreads, which flavor complements the rich sauce that finishes this plate.

    For the main course, I've had the bison tenderloin, the ribeye, the suckling pig and the caribou hind, and all are great carnivore oriented dishes; honestly, I have no favorites here. Canoe offers wonderful appetizers; what I've done in the past is to order multiple appetizers and skip the main course. If one chooses the appetizers well, it provides a more interesting experience.

    The Manitoba Wild Rice Pudding dessert is based on the Chinese recipe Eight Treasure Rice Pudding (Pa Pao Fan). It is not the exact same recipe, but if you have the two, you can clearly see the similarities. I enjoyed it, the cranberries and kumquats providing a nice contrasting flavor to the rice pudding. They used to have a fantastic Fireweed Honey Butter Tart; however, they changed the recipe, from slices of a large tart to individual small tarts, and unfortunately it is not as good as it used to be.

    For wine recommendations, the house sommelier is very knowledgeable and will be able to assist you matching the wines with the food. Enjoy your meal!

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      Thanks for this Tjunmin! I read in a previous post that the tasting menu is not as good as selecting from the a la carte menu. Is this because the portions are smaller and/or not as tasty?

      1. re: sugarcube

        Hi Sugarcube

        I prefer the a la carte menu rather than their tasting menus based purely on my past experiences. My most satisfying meals at Canoe have always been the ones in which I ordered a la carte. The more interesting and tastier dishes seem to be in the a la carte menu, rather than in the tasting menus. The tasting menu portions are smaller, but the meal as a whole is very satisfying in terms of quantity. The first time I had the tasting menu at Canoe, by the end of the meal I was mentally thanking the chef for making the serving portions smaller; I was so full!

        Please take into consideration that this is my personal opinion. Other people probably have different experiences and opinions. :)

        1. re: tjunmin

          Thanks everyone for your helpful posts. My friend and I had a phenomenal experience at Canoe... we ordered from the a la carte menu ( i had the gnocchi, and the bison tenderloin. my friend opted for the canoe plate and the halibut). Needless to say were not disappointed with the spectacular results. It was a memorable experience and the view was so lovely :)

          I got to meet the pastry chef too (!) as promised by our waiter if we went for a 5th dessert (yes i have a MAJOR sweet tooth..haha). we got donuts and dip, 2 sticky toffee puddings, the chocolate trio and Maria's tasting). Maria, the pastry chef hand delivered our 5th plate and chatted with us for a little bit.

          Finally, the wait staff as well as reception were so kind and helpful. My hats off to them.

          Hopefully my friend and I can soon return!

    2. We had the raw seafood platter - it was a sight and very delicious. If you like raw seafood. I highly recommend. num

      1. I'll second the gnocchi-it's wonderful, though we had the lunchtime version. At lunch, I especially enjoyed the sable.

        1. I'd order a taxi to take me to a good restaurant.

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