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Sep 6, 2007 06:55 AM

"STREET FOOD" in or near Miami

Hello, we are looking for "street food". we live in Miami but would travel anywhere in SoFla.
is there such an area? does not need to remind us of Bangkok. but variety would be GREAT!
Thank you all in advance for any suggetions or tips...

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  1. Other than an occasional hotdog stand, there really aren't any street food vendors in the Miami Metro area.

    Along Krome Avenue, there are fruit stands.

    In the parking lots of shopping plazas you might find a small van selling churros (fried star-shaped dough sticks dusted with granular sugar). The last one I saw was in the corner of 107 Avenue and Flagler. Beware, some of these trucks can look a bit grimy, but can also have some tasty churros.

    You could also find a stand or truck selling arepas (Colombian corn pancakes). The last one I saw is on 87 Avenue between Flagler and 8 Street.

    However, I wouldn't recommend trekking out to find these because there's no guarantee they'll be there.

    The best outdoor experience you can get is to go to a Cuban restaurant, go to the window, order a Cuban coffee, and drink it while standing around. Versailles(the Cuban restaurant) is probably the most touristy place for this.

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    1. re: insurance

      thank you for the tips insurance... do you sell insurance?
      ever go to "robert is here"? great shakes!!! i go every time i come back from flamingo.

      1. re: dbellas

        I don't sell insurance. Come to think of it, I don't know why I picked the name.

        I haven't been to robert is here. Got an address?

        Oh, and I have an update: there's a little hut on Sunset(72 Street) and 97 Ave. The sell Raspados and Ceviche. I'm not sure if it counts as street food since it's a structure instead of a cart/stand. I haven't tried it though.

        1. re: insurance

          ill have to try that, thanks Insurance.

          i did just get back from trying the philipino truck and the Orale taco stand...both very yummy, will definately go back to both.
          they both had good variety. the orale stand is at a park w/ benches near by, by the time we ere done eating our tacos, there was a line w/ no less than 25 people....

          robert is here has the best shakes i have ever had....
          knaus berry farm comes in second.
          roberts has great quality fruit and veggies as well as honey and hot sauces.
          he makes a hot sauce that is hotter than h$11.

          Robert Is Here Fruit Stand
          Address: 19200 SW 344th St, Homestead, FL 33034
          Phone: (305) 246-1592

          thank you Yomyb and insurance for your tips....

          anyone else know where i can get some good street food?