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Sep 6, 2007 06:44 AM

China Lily Soya Sauce

This particular brand has gotten very difficult to find over the last little while. Has anyone seen it on shelf recently? I work at Spadina/King and live at Danforth/Coxwell so somewhere close is preferable, but I'm willing to drive.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. any reason you like this particular brand? Dominion has their brand of water chestnuts but not sure about the soy sauce.
    Pearl River Bridge brand soy sauce is better, imo.

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    1. re: chocabot

      I agree that there are some other and better ones out there for sure, but yes, this time I'm looking for this particular brand. Sort of a childhood-memory-taste thing, I guess.

    2. I would expect it to be available in the shops in Chinatown, just north of your work up Spadina, if not I reccon yer outta luck...

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      1. re: Recyclor

        A few months ago I was entertaining some friends whose son has Celiac Disease, a genetic intolerance to wheat and gluten. It turns out that China Lily is one of the only soya sauces that does not contain wheat. Anyway, I was able to find some at a local convenience store, so give that a try.

        What is funny about this thread is that after a quick seach it turns out that there is a cult-like following for China Lily Soya Sauce. Who knew?

        1. re: Jean Georges

          Everyone I know with Celiac Disease uses San J Organic Tamari sauce because it is wheat free and MSG free. China Lily has MSG.

      2. Still seems to be available in Loblaws.

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        1. re: Kagemusha

          Really? Which one? I have found other China Lily products there, but not the soya sauce.
          I'll try up in Chinatown, as well. Thanks.

          1. re: FrenchSoda

            That was the brand of my childhood, but have since switched to Japanese soy sauce even for Chinese cookery, because it is lighter.
            Might get zapped, but have to tell you this Story.
            When I was a kid, my mother sent my father to Chinatown with a list that included ChinaLilly Soy sauce.
            He didn't come back for many hours, and when he did finally arrive home, he told my mother that he found the soy sauce, no problem, but, went everywhere, and couldn't find a ChinaLilly.

        2. I've seen it at a convenience store in my neighbourhood - in the small bottles. Store is located on the south-west corner of Harbord and Robert St - right across from the restaurant Messis (sorry, don't know the name of the store)

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          1. re: MegTor

            harbord convienence or spadina food market?


          2. by the way, how does this stuff taste compared to others?

            salty, oily, sweeter, richer, smoky, thin, light, etc?