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Sep 6, 2007 06:41 AM

Where to find frozen tempeh

Are there any Indonesian stores in T.O. that sell frozen tempeh? Or fresh?

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  1. Big Carrot sells both fresh and frozen.

    1. I have some in my freezer, I think it was from the Noah's on Bloor at Spadina...should be easy to find at just about any health food shop...although I don't shop there so I'm not sure but I'd expect it at Loblaws even...

      1. Frozen Tempeh is available at HUA SHENG SUPERMARKET
        293-299 SPADINA AVE (North of Dundas / East of Spadina, just short walking distance from the corner of Dundas & Spadina ) . Ask the lady whose name is SI, she will guide
        you to find the product.

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        1. The Tofu guy in the SLM (bottom floor south end) has great Tempeh! It's made from local soy (GMO free) beans!

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            Ditto on that. His tempeh is weirdly good. So's his tofu. I though tempeh was tempeh and that it all depended on how you cook it but his is a cut above. I think the place is called ying ying and he also sells it frozen at Evergreen natural foods on St. Clair.